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How Google is [abusing its web services to] build a browser monopoly.

Google just prompted me to install additional search engines and web browsers when I opened the Play Store on my Samsung S8.

On choosing a monitor: 4K, 1440p, [super] ultra wide, or what? The choices are overwhelming. 📺

An interesting case in content fingerprinting using dumb apostrophes (') and curly apostrophes (’).

Got a surprisingly creepy email out of the blue from a Russian company just saying “During the day we will solve everything.” 😕

Compressed favicons are on average 70% smaller but 75% of web favicons are served uncompressed. 🗜

Russia to block major VPN providers for failing to integrate with automated government censorship system.

A tiny publisher's thoughts on Firefox 67 blocking tracking and ad cookies by default. (Affects the default settings of 10% of the global desktop browser market share.)

A non-insignificant number of websites have been pulling Google Analytics from their pages since the GDPR was introduced in the EU in late May 2018 (late July 2018 in EEA).

Apple will force iOS developers to use its new Apple ID sign-in option when they offer third-party logins.
Misusing market power?

So Apple Reality Composer is now a real product, but they might want to rethink the name.

I’ve been working on building my own web analytics solution today. I didn’t even notice that Google Analytics have crashed haven’t recorded data for hours. I guess that is just as well?

What are the best formatting practices when writing example code that is to be viewed on a narrow screen?

<link rel="canonical"> is over 10 years old now. It was adopted by search engines in February–April 2009.

Shouldn't everyone have learned the lesson that you don't use geographically tied top-level domains by now? Wasn't Britain's wos with .eu warning enough for everyone?

How to archive a single webpage or an entire website in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

It's super interesting to see unattended bot accounts and scheduled marketing posts on Twitter and elsewhere link to Flickr content during their extended "scheduled" service outage. Don't blindly automate your marketing.

Your CMS probably have a lot of image metadata laying about. Put it to use and embed it in your images with XMP!

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