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Help keep everyone safe online: report phishing emails and websites as soon as you see them!

@boilingsteam Could you please bump up the 14px font size in your articles to something more comfortable to read like 18px?

@Tutanota any plans on doubling the storage on Premium accounts? €1/mo. gets me 5 GB from and others, so 1 GB doesn't feel like a good deal.

The sandbox isolation on the holodeck in Star Trek is terrible. How can the characters be allowed to gain privileged escalation and escape and in every other episode?

I regularly see phishing campaign warnings in national media. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the URLs they report on have been reported to Microsoft SmartScreen, Google Safe Browsing, or Netcraft Anti-Phishing. They could actually report them and help keep people safe; but instead they just write pointless articles about ongoing threats.

Google reCAPTCHA requires some very specific cultural knowledge to pass. It's not universal to identify an extreme closeup of a window on a yellow wall as "an American-style school bus" when asked to identify photos of busses.

My ISP finally restored IPv6 at home after disabling it almost two years ago!

Goodbye FastMail: Aussie government succeeds in undermining trust in Australian tech companies.

Steam contained in a Flatpak sandbox makes gaming on Linux more secure than macOS and Windows. Switch to Linux to protect your passwords and personal files from unscrupulous game developers.

My blog at is currently blocked in Turkey. Encrypted DNS (over TLS or HTTPS), a VPN, or Tor can help you route around the problem.

Having a WebP image <source> for a a <picture> will cause Microsoft Edge to display a broken image icon in Application Guard mode even when another image format and a fallback image is provided.

Two years after transitioning to Wayland by default, Fedora Workstation 29 still doesn’t support hosting remote VNC sessions out of the box.

Who designs a URLs scheme that includes quotation marks? Why not simply use opening gun-eomji and closing foot-emoji instead?

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Have anyone here migrated from FastMail to Mailbox has the same features as FastMail + Exchange support, European hosting, and it costs a fraction of FastMail’s rates. I’ve considered GandiMail as I’ve got my domains there and it’s free, but probably shouldn’t combine email hosting and domain name services for better security.

Dear designers: Contrast first. Stupid light-grey-text-on-white-background-design second.

“Have you fallen for a financial scam? We *really* want to talk to you. Click our ad!”

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