@linuxtechmore Never mind. Would you look at that. I’d totally missed that this had changed this much.

@linuxtechmore I just tested a couple of VPN connections around in different Amazon markets, and I don’t see the automatic redirection. I can’t find a source for the update to OneLink either. Where did you read about it?

@linuxtechmore No, it doesn't. You first need to setup OneLink in your affiliate program account, and then you can use the link scheme described here: ctrl.blog/entry/amazon-onelink

@jeremiahlee Isn't Sony fabbing the Raspberry Pis, wafers and all, in Wales? No longer EU, but still. Or maybe they just assemble them? I seem to recall reading they did everything but the WiFi/BT chips, though.

I just experienced the weirdest computer crash. The computer just stopped responding and the colors slowly drained off screen turning it white. I can't recall seeing a failure mode like this in over a decade! Windows bugcheck/bluescreen didn't kick in and nothing got logged.

@fosdem any idea when the on-demand videos will be available?

@roytang Your webmentions form is also broken. You need to provide an absolute URL rather than a relative one in the hidden target field.

@roytang Hi, clicking anywhere on the comment form links me back to the post. roytang.net/post/168103/commen I was going to ask if you had any details on the type of websites where links had gone missing? Personal sites? News sites? Programming reference sites? Any patterns?

@CodingItWrong It's still a good browser, assuming you don't visit any sites with strict cookie security. In fairness, there's a bunch of issues with SameSite in general. caniuse.com/same-site-cookie-a (I submitted the new issue yesterday.)

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