Are full-size keyboards too wide for you? Here's how to determine what keyboard form factors are right for you.

@spences10 If you want what real Norwegians use then get a bottle of Spenol. It was originally developed to sooth cow's udders and teats after manual milking. Farmers quickly realized it was great for human skin. You'll find a bottle in every home.

@markosaric Yes, it’s behaved like that since the feature was implemented. You needed to enable a n option in about:config (or use the multi-account extension) to enable it, though.

Yahoo!, AOL, OneSearch search results biased in favor of parent company Verizon Media’s own brands and websites.

@volt4ire The spirit of distributed computing for good still lives on. Folding@Home is fighting cancer, COVID-19, influenza strains, and other diseases.

@markosaric More exposure will probably benefit both Etsy and most of their talented creators. Assuming the fees are reasonable, of course. It sounds like their taking a higher cut of the transaction if an ad they placed for an item lead to a sale. It should preferably have been an opt-in thing, but these sellers have opted to outsource the daily operations (and marketing) of their business to Etsy. Etsy is just doing their job here.

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It's only cloud if it's hosted in Claudeaux region of France, otherwise, it's just someone's else computer.

I hate dealing with US companies. More people in the world use little-endian dates (DD.MM.YYYY) than middle-endian (MM.DD.YY[YY]) formats. Yet, US companies just can’t comprehend anything but the US locale. The universal migration to ISO 8601/big-endian (YYYY-MM-DD) can’t happen fast enough!

@mister_monster “We’ll put you in jail if you don’t stop this anti-social behaviour.” That’s normally how it’s supposed to work.

@Bluedepth Microsoft: How about some ads based on the diagnostic data we’ve collected about your frustrating experiences? How about a year of OneDrive Premium? Maybe a new web browser? How about 60 more Windows Updates?

Privacy isn’t a technological issue. It’s a cultural one. More technology wouldn’t save you from today’s privacy dystopia. Consumers don’t even understand the issues. As a privacy-advocate, you should push for privacy-legislation to force the industry to change rather than promoting technological “solutions” like VPNs, content-blockers, etc.

@markosaric A VPN only changes who gets the data. Legislation is the answer to privacy vows like this. Or Tor.

"The government is supposed to use antitrust law to ensure competition and stop companies from becoming so big they push everyone else out. Basically, antitrust is supposed to prevent anti-competitive monopolies. In the US in recent decades, regulators, enforcers, and the courts have taken a more lax attitude toward antitrust, which has resulted in more mergers, or companies growing to the point that it’s hard for rivals to stay in the game."

@jeremiahlee How about Medicare for Everyone Under 18 Who Shouldn’t Have To Suffer Regardless of The Past Decisions and Financial State of Their Guardians? I’ll go as far as saying it’s uncivilized to let kids suffer in a country where there is the infrastructure (just not the political will) to care for their needs.

@jeremiahlee Living in Sweden hasn’t influenced you to go fully social-democrat yet?

@jeremiahlee You probably wouldn’t need to pay that much tax if the US — now, hear me out — halved it’s military spending. It would still be 2×China and 5×Russia. 342 billion USD could solve a lot of problems.

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