@soapdog Search engines would be happy with just a /sitemap.xml file, but us humans need something a little more elaborate to navigate. You could stick a link to the Topics page in your top-level navigation.

@soapdog What’s that weird e-ink thing on the second photo? (Also, how do I find older blog posts? There’s no pagination to go backwards from the front page.)

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June is bring-your-sexuality-and-gender-identity-to-work month.


@jeremiahlee Start with multi-CDN. Don’t rely on just one provider. The same applies for DNS; use a secondary name server from a different provider. You can even throw in your own NS and A servers into the mix to get multi-provider plus your own independent servers. Decentralization doesn’t mean “host it yourself.” It means don’t put all the community’s eggs in the same giant basket.

Today’s Fastly outage was a good reminder for the internet: decentralization is good, and redundancy is good. Centralization means more things stops working all at once.

@kevincox `if !(this || that)` vs `if !this || that`. Does `unless` make a set of conditional statements negative or just the first condition in the statement. :thinksphere:

@gustavohmsilva DDG uses results from Bing, though. Stargpage delivers Google results filtered through an ad-company.

@gustavohmsilva Bing search really values links on Twitter, though.

@kevincox Then again, `unless this or that` is really difficult to read. Does it mean `if !this and !that` or `if !this and that`?

@edsu You’re welcome. You better read this one as well: ctrl.blog/entry/keepass-file-c 😉
Syncthing is great, but you should ideally have a “sync thing” that is always-online to avoid conflicts and issues unless all your device are always powered on and online. E.g. a NAS or a VPS somewhere. Syncthing can sync to an untrusted host that never has the decryption keys for the data, so anywhere you’ve got space and can run the software is fine.

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