@brunoph less crowded? You can also see mobile network performance improvements by using a single multiplexed connection (e.g. using a VPN).

PC components generally don’t degrade over time, so what caused my 7-year old 1st-gen. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon running Windows 10 to become unbearably slow and crashy?

@jlelse Extend WebMention support to Twitter mentions by resolving their short links to see if they really meant to link to you.

@octet33 Don't Linode use Cloudflare for some of their stuff? Like their own website is Cloudflare, and the DNS service "they offer" is actually Cloudflare. (I may be confusing Linode with another provider here.) Not using your own infrastructure to host your own website really suggest you shouldn't use their services.

@octet33 Here is an idea: hust throttle AWS sites? That way you'll learn to avoid those services over time because they'll be slow. Plus your browser and apps will submit performance data to the apps and site you use that suggest they should be using another CDN provider.

@octet33 Could you please check if ctrl.blog works for you? It's my own site. I don't actually know too much about the infrastructure of my CDN provider, though. I've tried staying away from Cloudflare, AWS, and the big guys because more competition and diversity is good for the web. Many just resell the big guys though, so hard to tell. If that doesn't work, then the P2P version on dat://ctrl.blog should still work.

@octet33 Most of the services you're having trouble with is probably using AWS Cloudfront CDN.

@octet33 You should do a write-up about which services you find that are AWS-free.

@octet33 Ecosia.org uses green energy, spend their profits on planting trees, and sources their search results from Bing (same as DuckDuckGo).

@octet33 Much of their other infrastructure is Google Cloud, but their CDN is AWS.

Real curious what is up with the multi-day Galileo outage. 🇪🇺🛰🗺

@bclindner @drcd have you got all the keys you need, though? DNS management, server access, server billing, etc. I tried looking into things before signing up myself, and concluded that there just wasn't enough public information available for most instances to make an informed decision on these things.

So what's happening with Galileo? EU's global navigation satellite system. It's been down for days.

@drcd Welcome! The bus-factor on public Mastodon instances is usually one person. Instances that accept donations and have multiple admins will likely stay up longer.

@ianbradbury Several browsers have that option now, because W and Q are located right next to each other and it's easy to hit the wrong one. You can toggle the behavior from the Application menu. (Although I'd recommend you chose Firefox over Chrome any day of the week.)

Given a HTML list were the last element is a "show more" link, how do you set the tabfocus to the first newly inserted list element?

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