@aral The word “word” is literally a Microsoft trademark. You shouldn’t be surprised.

How to archive a single webpage or an entire website in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

It's super interesting to see unattended bot accounts and scheduled marketing posts on Twitter and elsewhere link to Flickr content during their extended "scheduled" service outage. Don't blindly automate your marketing.

@noreset People can’t really leave their email provider unless they can take their email address with them. You’re locked in for life after having signed up for many hundreds of accounts with an `@gmail.com` email address. At this point, the only option for most people is for Google to clean up their act.

Your CMS probably have a lot of image metadata laying about. Put it to use and embed it in your images with XMP!

@Bluedepth UUIDv4 has 122 bits of random data (equals 23 random 0-9 and a-z characters). Anyone who is recommending against UUIDs are talking about one of the other variants which contain less entropy. There are a few different programs going under the name `uuidgen` but read the man page and make sure you're using UUIDv4 then that alone is more than good enough as a password. Wikipedia reminds us that there are 5.3 undecillion possible UUIDv4s. No need for "post-processing" with shasum.

It's nice seeing more and more of my favorite websites are signing up with Flattr.com.

@aral peer discovery finds no peers for ind.ie or ar.al. So not just a firewall/connectivity issue since your seeder isn't checking in with the peer discovery server.

Heads up to HTML Tidy users: You may get return from the HTML4 parsing mode even when it indicates that it used parsing when using an uppercase <!DOCTYPE HTML> (even though it’s supposed to be matched case-insensitively). If your HTML5 documents get messed up, this may be why.

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@aral Your Dat website haven’t had any peers with the latest version for the last few days. Dwebserver issues?

@brion that’s what happens when you limit yourself to symbolic icon outlines. Was there really so much wrong with the good old colored icons?

Introducing libGDPR; the only library that can help ensure your business in is 100% in compliance with the . Only 25 bytes! Here’s the whole thing:

rm -rf /
shutdown -h now

@robey You mean to say they bought the trademark so they could repurpose it.

“You tried to visit BBC News. Did you mean NBC News?” No, Brave. I didn’t.

I really don’t like the no-ownership-streaming-is-the-future model. It doesn’t work with things like music where there are multiple rights-holders involved. Some of my favorite songs discovered through Spotify are no longer available on Spotify. I don’t blame the artists but the premise of getting everyone in the world to agree to the same shitty-terms contract and terms is just idiotic.

@Bluedepth I’ve reported a number of expired web certificates to Mozilla over the years. It usually takes them a week to get the service back online. They don’t seem to have good processes for this stuff. At least it’s very fixable.

@sam I’m eagerly awaiting “Bringing the DAT protocol to Firefox” part 2! :macos:

@sam and can I assume you’ve doubled down on extra checks, systems, and processes to ensure something similar never happens to Cliqz? 😜

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