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@brunoph Grindr has a geek tribe, for what it’s worth.

@jeremiahlee They really should partner with Coil or Flattr (or replicate their product) and bake the solution in to Firefox. It could solve the creator/publisher web monetization problem, and get Mozilla financially independent from Google at the same time.

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This is what happens when you use Chrome or Chromium-based browser (Brave, Edge) even though you think it is good/necessary that Mozilla exists and that its mission is important.

Switch to Firefox, save the Web.


@jeremiahlee As in a Tor.onion? You can host it from multiple locations (addresses can be announced from multiple instances). A Raspberry Pi next to your home router can do the job, and you don’t even need to configure port-forwarding on your router. Tor routes around it anyway. Network diversity is important to the overall network. Remember to include a Onion-Location response header on your clearnet site to increase discoverability of your Onionsite.

@rdegges Not to mention when this happens after you've dismissed a cookie/spying disclaimer.

@jeremiahlee I'm sure many prefer Contabo. Hetzner has cheaper plans, but Contabo offers more for slightly more money. As an email administrator, I see aaaa looooot of spam from Contabo. So IP reputation is probably worse. Stay well clear of Scaleway.

Review of the new Firefox “Fenix” browser for Android: tons of work under the hood, almost no extensions is supported, but good UI improvements.

Any thoughts on deploying JS source maps in production? What are the reasons for not doing it?

@saramg @ihabunek Want a real baking challenge? Try making it gluten free. My success rate is about 1 in 15.

@vonhallerI no longer has this particular model, but it was never recalled in Norway. My new Medtronic pump at least has an airplane mode that turns off wireless transmission. Older models were always-on.

@alexandar Find interesting people, follow them, join the conversation. It’s like Twitter, but not every user is on the same website. Different Mastodon instances (“websites”) have different focuses and governance rules. However, you can talk to anyone on any website that runs Mastodon (except in instances where the site’s policies block outside users.) Think of it more like email, but with the same format as Twitter.

@steko The article is pretty much up to date. I’m monitoring a few relevant bugs, but there has been no progress in recent years.

@jeremiahlee Why would you want one with extra toe stubbers?

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