The open-source Joplin note-taking app is good on desktop but fails to impress on Android.

Immediately close the tab if you click on a link and it starts loading a page from Blogspot even you didn’t expect that. Seen a lot of scams abuse Blogspot blogs to capture your browser in the last few weeks.

Optimize your HTML <head> metadata for better GZIP compression-rates (exploiting this one weird bit-reduction efficiency trick).

@aral Then you should have a first class CalDAV-server at the other end and I’m inclined to agree that it sounds more likely that Evolution is at fault.

@lotus42 What would make China not retaliate by cutting these critical supply lines? The Chinese love western products as much as we love their's.

@lotus42 It's more complicated than that. China has a near-monopoly in some key rare-earth minerals. Can't make household appliances and tech without it. No one else has the manufacturing capacity nor the manufacturing infrastructure. You need a lot of components manufactured and assembled in the same geographical region to keep costs down. No one else has an humongous educated workforce willing to work in manufacturing for next to nothing.

@sam I think the fingerprint in the URL got cut off somewhere along the way.

@R10T The big problem isn’t that they loose access to the software. It’s all the data stored in proprietary file formats that don’t work with other software that’s the main problem.

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I wrote a summary of where we're at in achieving browser-to-browser communication with IPFS.

Slow but steady progress towards true user agency.
We're making significant progress on a distributed web...

Putting you in control of your online experience by integrating IPFS into web browsers.

@aral Does it work in Evolution? GNOME Calendar and Evolution use the same backend (the evolution-data-store-thingy). I’ve seen “lightweight” front-ends like Calendar get things like this while Evolution gets it right.

@jlelse RSS is a notorious bandwidth hog because clients don’t implement gzip and pull every few seconds without doing cache-revalidation or considering cache times. Two years ago, I wrote up some best practices and spent a month implementing them in open-source clients and pushed commercial ones to support it.

Standard Notes, the tool I chose to replace Simplenote, is having the same problem as Simplenote. It keeps deleting my damned notes!

How to detect hen your pages are being machine-translated with browser-based or web-proxy-based services like Bing, Google , Naver and, and Yandex. For measuring how [potentially poor] translations impacts your site’s performance.

In a parallel universe, “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats” have topped the Billboard 100 list for a tenth week with their hit song “Presidential Conduct”. Show me your best album art!

Mitigate “tabnabbing” (security issue) without breaking features (Chrome bug).

@jlelse Have you tried using Microsoft Edge? It supports epub. Or just renaming it .zip and opening index.html in your favorite browser? (Assuming you only buy DRM-free books.)

Semantic markup like <code>, <kbd>, and <samp> can improve the quality of machine-translated technical texts. 📄

@jlelse Wait nutil you find out about long-lived background connections ... . (First-party isolation in Firefox is the only protection.)

@announcements Which CDN provider did you end up using? Price per GB?

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