It’s just wonderful how websites “forget” my login, opt-out, and preference cookies after a few days; yet their ad cookies last for centuries without any problems.

@CodingItWrong @whami No server or maintenance required. (Just some DNS changes for your domain each time you migrate to a new email provider.)

@CodingItWrong @whami No, you set FastMail as your domain's MX DNS records. That makes them your domain's SMTP server. There are some more DNS records required for anti-spam and authentication, but your email provider (FastMail) will help you set that up. Check the Settings page if there's a section for custom domains.

@CodingItWrong Remember to use your own domain name for your email! Then you can move provider whenever you want.

@aral Not to spoil the fun, but this strategy is ill-advised. Tons of devices still get artifacts when using filters because your relying on seldom used GPU functions. Especially inverting something inverted produce undesirable effects. It’s okay for like an image or single secondary element, but you risk breaking the experience entirely when doing it to the entire page. Under-powered devices may also run into performance issues when applying filters to the entire page.

@codeberg Long overdue. The duplicates issues link was left in the menu too long. I knew there were two, but still missclicked.

@adamsdesk Thanks! If you want one for your network then this one is really cheap. It’s even cheaper than most (and crappier) consumer-grade routers. Don’t be discouraged that it’s an older model. If you buy it today, then it should still get at least five years of software updates. There are, of course, newer models available, but the hEX is still listed on top of MikroTik’s hardware page.

@soapdog My own extensions will also stop working without webRequest. However, the API is overloaded and slows down every requests. So, I understand that they want it gone. It was a big mistake to add it in the first place. Background page versus service worker is just about switching long-lived processes to something that’s more optimized for running JavaScript without layout and rendering. I believe it reduces overhead, start up delays, and improves scheduling (unverified gut feeling on this last point.)

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