@deshipu An SVG icon font has one major advantage over individual SVG assets: it compresses incredibly well.

@Jami Any ETA on when message sync between devices will be ready?

@jeremiahlee The new shared RAM architecture sounds extra vulnerable to both stack overflow exploits and side-channel leakage. It’ll probably take security experts a couple of years to work out whether that’s actually the case, though.

@jeremiahlee They immediately shut down when they come in contact with helium particles. No, wait. That was the iPhone.

Remember to wash your cloth masks every day at 60 ℃.

@fakefred The international standards bodies that make up ISO gets their funding from selling standards. Some standards are funded through sponsors and those are generally available for free. They’re missing an “independent/individual” license for like €3/PDF.

@JackMeinoff @legoktm Use it as a regular desktop computer? It probably consumes less power than your current PC, so you can lower your environmental impact. Or maybe use it with a wireless keyboard as a home theater PC? You can set it up as a Syncthing-thing? It won’t do much good for Folding@home, but you can contribute to things like being a DHT node for various P2P networks. Plugin in a USB drive and use it as a backup server? You could be looking at your new gateway router+VPN too.

@legoktm I envy you so much. I’m waiting for the promised Norwegian SKU. The official RPi keyboard accessory SKU was released last year, apparently, but I’ve never found any store that sells it. Fingers crossed for this one, though!

@jeremiahlee because it’s just a type of horse and the Consortium is trying to distance itself from accusations of being a US-focused tech hegemon. I’d guess that the proposal would have a higher probability of passing if the political implications had been kept out of it.

@trevdev more of an aside than anything, but have you considered an ultrawide monitor? It makes window management easier compared to multi-monitor setups.

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