Just subscribed to Fastmail, moving off of Apple because of how they already scan email content. The Protonmail issue doesn't deter me because my goal isn't total protection from governments; a better privacy approach is all I'm looking for. 9to5mac.com/2021/08/23/apple-s

@CodingItWrong Remember to use your own domain name for your email! Then you can move provider whenever you want.

@da I've tried that in the past, but I've had such an absolutely abysmal time getting SMTP server authentication to work successfully that I'm tempted to just stick with what's simple

@CodingItWrong @da I've been using Fastmail for 4 years with my own domain name and haven't had any issues.

@whami @da If I want to send email from my own domain name, that needs to go through my domain's SMTP server, right? So the fact that your domain's SMTP server hasn't given you issues has no bearing on whether my SMTP server would.

@CodingItWrong @whami No, you set FastMail as your domain's MX DNS records. That makes them your domain's SMTP server. There are some more DNS records required for anti-spam and authentication, but your email provider (FastMail) will help you set that up. Check the Settings page if there's a section for custom domains.

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