@ricard_dev It’s virtually impossible to monetize a blog, though.

@da true, it's not what it used to be. Ghost has some membership features. The tech is there.


@ricard_dev There are tons of membership options available, yes. But no one is paying for the memberships. No one wants more subscription services. The weird thing is that people gladly pay 10$/mo. to to watch someone play videogames on Twitch, but no one at all is leaving tips or paying subscriptions for bloggers. Reading someone’s blog just isn’t a strong enough parasocial relationship to bridge the payment-unwillingness chasm. For whatever reason, people also seem willing to pay for email newsletters.

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@da Indeed, I'm constantly amazed by the donation amounts on Twitch channels. I, like you, simply don't get it.

@ricard_dev People consider the streamers their friends. It’s a one sided relationship where money flows in one direction. It’s hard to replicate in writing. Probably not desirable either, but that’s another discussion entirely.

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