@da thanks for the syncthing tip, i've been a happy user of KeePass (ok KeePassXC) for several years, but synchronizing across devices has been the hardest part.

@edsu You’re welcome. You better read this one as well: ctrl.blog/entry/keepass-file-c 😉
Syncthing is great, but you should ideally have a “sync thing” that is always-online to avoid conflicts and issues unless all your device are always powered on and online. E.g. a NAS or a VPS somewhere. Syncthing can sync to an untrusted host that never has the decryption keys for the data, so anywhere you’ve got space and can run the software is fine.

@da Great article. I entirely agree and why I've been using KeePass for many years and haven't switched. I personally choose to not use it though on any mobile device due to security. Desktop is great especially with auto type and TOTP.

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