Bandwidth drops from 250 to 9 Mbps during peak Netflix hours every day this week. I really wish Netflix and YouTube could preload my “watch later” queue during off-hours.

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@da I mean podcasting apps have been doing this for literal decades, which might as well be an eternity in internet years. Millennials are the WORST at application development.

@saramg yeah, but video creators are mostly on YouTube and not podcasting. They want them ad money, and that's fine. I just want to shift the bulk data downloading off peak hours. Maybe they could use ?

@da Yeah, no. I'm not saying they need to be available offline even. I'm just saying the notion of "I watch all these episodes, just do the download preemptively so it's local" (like you initially asked), and that this isn't a novel concept. It's a proven one in other media forms.

@da Like... Google has the engineers to implement this. It might even save them some money in bandwidth provisioning. Especially with torrent seeding as you suggest.

@saramg They had it in the Android app until 2013. The option was even named "Preload watch later list". They introduced offline playback as a paid feature the following year. However, I don't want offline playback. I just don't want choppy playback due to congestion in the pandevenings.

@saramg but I guess you're right too, in a way. Creators should explore more distribution channels than just YouTube. Podcasts have programmatic ads these days, so they'd just get more potential revenue streams. But I guess everyone's strategy is to get as many eyeballs as possible on YouTube to please the algorithms. Hmm....

@da There's a few artisinal video services out there, but not as many as I'd want for an open web.

The thing is, content creators see this as a problem too, because google can shut down their entire livelihood on the whim of an algorithm.

This SHOULD lead to more people posting to multiple services and saying "go sub on $service or here", but for some reason it doesn't. Maybe some folks have exclusivity clauses that google pays 'em more for.

@saramg There's no exclusivity clause, but it's against YouTube ToS to promote competing services.

@da I know Legal Eagle does it on the reg. One would hope he knows the ToS better than most. :)

@da Or maybe he's baiting to challenge google on it in court. ;)

@saramg @da

Legal Eagle is also on (but alas no pre fetching there yet, either).

There are a number of "old" YouTube channels that keep a (video) podcast RSS feed, but apart from iTunes/Apple Podcasts, I've found most players to not support/expect videos, unfortunately.

@krinkle @saramg I remember BitTorrent-powered RSS “vodcasts” were a thing for a short while between 2008–10. There was a bunch of apps that catered to that hyper-specific thing, but I don’t believe any of them have survived.

@saramg That being said, I think it's the fear of splitting the audience in two. That might lower magical metrics like engagement and YouTube may start hiding your videos and then you die. At least, I think that is the fear of every YT creator.

@da Okay, yeah. Gaming the algorithm sounds like a legit (and depressing) driver there.

@da You need to pay YouTube a monthly fee to do that without third party software.

There is a chance you could set something up to do it with third party software though.

@gudenau That's not the same, though. Then I have to manually select which videos to download. I already have a watch list. I mean that I want the app to automatically preload the videos in the watch later list during off peak hours. Actually, I want this on the website as I use a web browser for my HTPC, but same principle.

@da Yeah but if you log in to a service it could see your watch list. Can be automated.

@gudenau youtube-dl could do it, but then I'd have a bunch of files and would need to handle a playlist and manage file deletion and crap like that-

@da Netflix apps on Android/Chromebook can download and keep it ready but yeah browsers don't 😊

@dsoft My HTPC is Firefox in fullscreen mode. 😜

@da Actually mine too. Firefox's picture-in-picture or popup video makes it convinient to watch while working 😁

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