@x Hi. The CC license link at the bottom of your blog links to the wrong page. It seems like it might have been the victim of a multilingual spellchecker.

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@da ahah wait what? that’s odd. it used to point to the BY-NC-SA page. looks like something changed on their end. thanks for pointing this out; and no i don’t use any spellchecker haha (well, except for :set spell i suppose) add <a rel=license> while you’re fixing it. 😉 By the by, you should use a link-rot checker for your site. Not sure if your CMS supports deployment checks, but you could stick one in there.

@da my “CMS” is my own hand-rolled static site generator: vite, heh. but yeah, something i’ll think about integrating in my deployment process. I often type on Android and the spellchecker just applies random changes randomly while typing in different paragraphs. It’s a struggle. 🤷‍♂️

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