I deleted my Fitbit account in June 2018 (post GDPR). I created a new one today, and wouldn't you know: the new account with the same email address but a different password had access to my deleted personal data.

@da That is perfectly fine, because as far as Fitbit is concerned people are basically equivalent to e-mail addresses.

@deshipu seems pointless. You can visit just about any website today and get a popover dialog explaining in details how the site is NOT complying with and blatantly violating the GDPR. There's no hope if regulators can't issue fines based on simple cases like that.

@da Perhaps a blunt instrument like law is not a good tool for regulating this kind of things.

@deshipu A complete lack of enforcement is the issue.

@da That's because the rules are unenforceable. They are just hopeful wishes on the part of the regulators.

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