@torgo Hi, I’m working on an article on Dark mode in Samsung Internet. Can you shed any light on what is happening to SVG colors in dark mode? This image shows the same image in day-mode, bitmap-dark, and svg-dark modes. I’ve figured out why only some colors are affected, but the modified colors baffles me completely. Source code seems to indicate that the L is inverted in HSL color space, but that operation does *not* produce anything near this result.

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@da let me share with the rest of the team for comment and get back to you.

@torgo I’m sorry but I didn’t check to see if I’d gotten a reply on Mastodon before publishing. I didn’t wait for you to respond before publishing. I’ve tweeted at the devrel account a couple of times over the last year already so I didn’t expect a reply this time either. I’m happy to update with corrections or statements!

@da it's OK. Your article has had an impact. Engineering team is paying attention and giving this issue more priority. Honestly, thank you for caring enough to write it.

@torgo It’s an interesting subject and your approach is unique, AFAIK. It was frustrating that there wasn’t any official documentation on how it was supposed to work. I was looking for workarounds for the contrast and SVG issues and couldn’t find any. I’ve changed some of the object types for my SVGs now, but that’s an insane solution. I’d really like to know *what* you guys were targeting with this implementation. The SVG stuff makes no sense to me. Was there like a single testcase image/site or something?

@torgo I love your browser enough to take the time to research it to criticise it properly. So the article is a labour of tough love, I guess? I’m glad to hear your engineering team will be looking to improve it. I hope devrel will work to document it too. The feature was really difficult to explain, and I think that in itself is an indication of a problem with it. I knew a bit about color space conversions going into this, and that helped a lot.

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