Addressing and domains are the biggest obstacles to a more decentralized web. Neither IPv6 addresses nor cryptographic hashes (the current primary address alternatives) are memorable. Both require a ten minute character by character reading over the phone. Other alternatives?

I’m so incredibly tired of answering emails like this: “Hi, something on your website is broken because I’ve installed an extension that breaks a lot of pages. It’s usually an overaggressive adblocker or an unexpected side-effect of some other extension. I also refuse to believe my beloved extension is to blame.” (“Dark mode” extensions are especially 💩.)

@libravatar Who should I email about a security issue in the Libravatar spec?

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I can’t help but read “2 lbs” as “two lobsters”.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Fit2 – best suited as a passive health and activity tracker. ⌚️

Does anyone have a better solution to “social media and instant messaging companies are bad” ten “so, we solved it by becoming the new middle men instead — you can trust us!”

Florida man accused of breaking Mastodon’s open-source license with botched social network launch

How to enable file versioning on Windows (File History)
P.S.: You don’t need a backup disk or NAS. You can store file versions on the system disk.

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