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Look what I found in the DnD manual!

"Master Duasad Keef...was raised as a woman, but realized as a young adult that something wasn’t right, and sought a mage to help him transition"

"The dilution of votes in cities is the point, and so long as the minority remains in power, it will continue to make laws (and judgments) that protect against its erosion."

"Plastic is flammable, and the risk of fires at plastic-recycling facilities affects neighboring communities—many of which are located in low-income communities or communities of color."

Everything unknown is taken as grand
(Omne ignotum pro magnifico est)
— Tacitus, Agricola, 1.30

I wonder if it's possible to use entangled matter to measure the one-way speed of light

It's been 234 years and the US is still on version 1.27.0 of its Constitution

Upgrading a renamed NPM package, manually changing API calls all over the codebase, in order to get exactly the same functionality as the previous version

At least the Borg accepted all peoples, races, and genders equally

A terrible racially-motivated killing of ten people.

White Americans, we have a responsibility to combat racism against Black people wherever we find it. This includes opposing outright hatred, negative stereotypes, and subconscious segregation.

Does anyone have any cool bookmarklets?

Here's one I made that gets a lot of use. It looks up words on The Free Dictionary:
javascript:void( a word to look up.%22)))

I'd like to hear Tom Waits cover the theme song from 'Blossom'

"(...) roughly half the calories farmers grow are now fed to livestock, and the demand for animal products is rising fast. Without a radical change in the way we eat, by 2050 the world will need to grow around 50% more grain. How could we do it without wiping out much of the rest of life on Earth?"

We can't, George. It's either meat or the survival of life on the planet.

There's racism in the mix too. There's probably nationalism and religious ideas, too. All of the -ism's do the same thing: othering someone who's just trying to live their life.

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Language that degrades others, even unintentionally, is violence. Misogyny and ableism are baked into English, so we must be careful. Avoiding these expressions is a small way to be kind to others but it also frees your mind from a fettered way of thinking.

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