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I learned (indirectly through Wikipedia) that The Book of Five Rings "emphasizes that people must learn to perceive that which they cannot understand or comprehend".

I love to watch npm warnings fly past while updating a package

We all agree that 'git' is pronounced with a hard G, not a soft one as in 'gel'. The same hard G applies to 'gif'. So there you have it.

"Surfing the Web" is such a clumsy metaphor and yet it persists to this day. Why not "Sledding the Information Superhighway"?

"Two little words we don't pay enough attention to: over and next. When something is over, it is over and we are on to next. And I like to think about the hammock in the middle of those two words. That's living in the moment. That's the moment I believe I'm living as I complete this sentence. And it couldn't be more important to me."
–Norman Lear

Me: Why doesn't this string method work?
Caniuse: Looks fine to me…
Stack Overflow: Seems alright to me…
Firefox: Updates disabled by your system administrator
Me: 😡

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