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I might have to go into a different line of work if I lose my bookmarks

A Florentine I was acquainted with was under the necessity of buying a horse in Rome, and bargained with the dealer, who asked him twenty-five gold ducats, too high a price; he offered to pay fifteen ducats cash, and to owe the rest; to which the dealer agreed. On the following day, when asked for the balance, the buyer refused, saying, “We must keep our agreement: it was settled between us that I was to be your debtor; I should be so no longer if I were to pay you.”

We need the wisdom of Jerrica Benton now more than ever

"This is Mac OS 8, running in an Electron app pretending to be a 1991 Macintosh Quadra."

I haven't used floats in so long that I forgot how they worked for a second. I take that to be a good sign.

What an amazing feeling when you go from a 500 error to a 200 response.

I wonder how many devs have hacky SSL workarounds in their environment because the security team installed a self-signed internal certificate

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