fbi@usa:$ cd mar-a-lago
fbi@usa:$ ls -la
fbi@usa:$ mv * ~

1,000 years in the future, linguists use the ancient program Google Translate (now defunct) to understand 21st century Early Common (then called "Modern English")

If I was the Internet wild and free/
All I'd want is you to be my HTTP

"standup meeting" appears to be somewhat ableist. maybe "huddle" is better?

Linux User in 1999: I wish this OS just *worked*

Linux User in 2022: This distro is too easy, it just *works*

#USPOL #Religion #Athiesm 

@ozoned They think everyone is a sinner (including children), suffering proves your faith, and God never gives you more than you can handle. Had she gone through with it, they would have beatified her as a martyr of sorts. Sacrificing your own childhood for the glory of God and his commandment to be fruitful.

If humans could digest lignin and cellulose, we'd be unstoppable.

@happyfishmedia so you were the right side of the "Republic" album cover

Today I helped someone with a bad cURL request. They were concatenating the command from several strings, none of which had a space before/after the string.

That made me think of the space character, how it's like the concept of "zero". We used to write "scriptio continua", with no spaces or punctuation. According to Wikipedia, "Spaces were not used to separate words in Latin until roughly 600–800 AD." (the Western Roman Empire ended in 476 AD). Anentirecivilizationswordsallrunningtogether.

T'Pring: "Spock, I do not like hijinx."

Spock: "In that, we are in agreement. But it appears hijinx are the most logical course of action."

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E5

right-clicking to paste in a terminal window is the best

Spare a thought for the legions of programmers working behind the scenes to make work.

* troubleshooting transporters, forced to test in production
* fixing buggy food replicators remotely
* yet another system became sentient
* bridge viewscreen keeps showing feeds from the holodeck

Fireworks terrify dogs, causing them to run away and get lost. Fireworks also seriously disturb wildlife.

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