"The biggest lie we tell ourselves is 'I dont need to write this down because I will remember it.'"

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@d_armentrout I have , so I *know* I will forget everything if I don’t write it down and tape it to my forehead

@d_armentrout Funnily enough, I write things down precisely for the purpose of forgetting them.

Often I will have some idea that I really don't want to realize right now, but that I can't stop thinking about. Writing it down banishes it from my head, so I can focus on more immediate concerns. I usually never go back to it.

@deshipu I do this on paper during meetings/trainings. If I write it down then I'll remember it, negating the need for the note.

@d_armentrout That's the opposite of my experience. What I used to do at university to remember things, was drawing. I would spend the whole lecture drawing on the margins, and later I could quote the lecture exactly by just looking at the drawing.

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