FINALLY, modern website for Manjaro. Although UBlock shows only 1 blocked script. No good, should be at least 20.

docker is a tool for those who don't want to run N identical OS kernels for N virtual environments.

Sorry but I see nothing wrong with that. Containers are useful.

WHOA, 250 loc python script doing *this*. Really, really impressive.

So now this "Rhonda" person can tweet and retweet ***self from multiple activitypub instances. How cute.

Sorry but why not to just dump all this "Debian Social Team" and spend deallocated funds on maintaining packages? It will be much better for community.

google kick start problem...


so both workers are
- gender diverse
- nationally diverse
- receive happiness for working

How cute. Welcome to the world of corporate dystopia.

turns out you can install clang (with clangd, clang-format, etc), cmake, ninja and who knows what else directly from Microsoft Build Tools 2019. How cute.

But linux is still much better :)

so EU politicians are sold out to Facebook & Google. How cute. Imagine my shock.

...aaand this incredibly toxic "community" (or rather mob) is created by Mozilla. Who would've thought.

> A modern practical book about cryptography for developers with code examples, covering core concepts like hashes, ..., and quantum-safe cryptography

> The main book author Dr. Svetlin Nakov donates this book and its entire content and code examples for free to the developer and IT community as open-source project, under the MIT license

@sir for your make-a-blog challenge

yay --sudo doas --save

yay from AUR finally learned how to do that. Yay!

yay, I solved r-2900 (i.e. kind of very hard) problem on codeforces.

..but still struggle even with very simple ones when time matters. Feels bad man.

$ cat /etc/doas.conf
permit persist :wheel


About sudo vs doas.

There's an explanation by doas creator, Ted Unangst:

sudo is a tool "to build elaborate sysadmin infrastructures with highly refined sets of permissions and checks and balances",

and doas is for guys who just want to "get a root shell without remembering two passwords".

I definitely belong to the second group, so...

pacman -S doas

last days revelation: you can easily process swaymsg output with just jq, and there's a lot of useful information to show on swaybar. Asynchronously, no less.

For example, your current keyboard layout.

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