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Dear people too embarrassed to release your source code:

Nobody cares how ugly it is. Only you can see the ugliness. The code works, it does something, and we just want to learn from it or modify it. Our source code is ugly too.

If embarrassment is the only obstacle, just release the code. Ugly released source code is far, far better than no source code at all.

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Ach herrje, jetzt ist auch noch der vom WDR gelöschte Beitrag über #Laschet|s händeringend konstruierten #Vorwand, den #HambacherForst räumen und roden zu lassen aufgetaucht:

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In meinem Gastbeitrag bei habe ich meine bisherigen Erfahrungen mit meinem "Kampf gegen Microsoft" zusammengefasst. Danke an @netzpolitik_org für die tolle Zusammenarbeit👍

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if you feel bad asking for help remember how good it feels to give help

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Can't stop laughing since I saw this. 🤣

Definitively the best idea I had for #Sengi. 😶

Watched this really nice intro to building a Parser / Parser Combinator from scratch:

Even if you have worked with a parser combinator before, it's amazing to see, how little "magic" there is, by "inventing/discovering" the underlying concepts along the way.

This also helps to build an intuition for `Applicative` and `Alternative` and shows how these abstractions can be practical and useful in a real-world scenario. I really enjoyed watching this :)

I just published (e)certmon, a tiny exporter to keep track of certificate expiry dates, written in :

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We're finally ready to reveal the future of innovation & there's no better moment than the week of #blackfriday.

Introducing to the hands of users: Ownership. Repairability. Longevity.

Seriously though... Repairing your stuff makes the world of difference! 😉 🌱

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Warum Apple, Google und Microsoft in Schulen nichts verloren haben, begründen wir in unserem #Bildungspaket und nennen freie Alternativen.

Kostenloser PDF-Download oder schön gedruckt per Post:

#digitaleBildung #GAFAM

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In den letzten Wochen wurde ich immer wieder gefragt, ob es nicht überzogen ist von modernem "Faschismus" zu sprechen in Hinblick auf das Verhalten so mancher Parteien und Kandidaten. Daher hier ein kurzer Thread darüber, was modernen Faschismus eigentlich ausmacht. (1/x)

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I've just created a new #functional #programming community on #matrix. If you are into #haskell, #ocaml, #coq, #lisp, #idris etc you might want to visit See you there! 😸

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