Does anyone in the Fediverse tried migrating their Mi A1 to ? If so: how did you handle the OEM Unlock?

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@m_baran but is it true that the device is wiped after a `fastboot oem unlock`? Is there any way to prevent this? Otherwise I'd need to start moving stuff from my smartphone to an external source and prepare to setup everything anew.

@cvigano you should always have a backup, regardless of unlocking. ;)
And no, the device should not be wiped. TWRP/flashing will do this.

Phone will not be wiped by executing an adb command. Before flashing the firmware you have to do the wipe by yourself in TWRP. So yes, you have to backup your data and setup everything anew.

@dev4223 okay, I understood all instructions so far as "initiate the unlock and if you don't do a specific thing, then all you data will be wiped". Hence the need for instructions like these to prevent a wipe after unlocking:

I think I'll just try to be on the safe side and backup everything before unlocking via fastboot 👍

@cvigano Yeah, backup is always first thing to do. Then you can safely reset your phone. I don't know the bootloader unlocking process for Xiaomi devices in deep and so a wipe in this stage is possible. Good luck!

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