„Ach schade, Du hast ja gar nichts von meiner Tomatensauce gegessen...“
„Mama, Du solltest da vielleicht ordentlich Hack dran machen.“

Okeeeeeyyy, wer von Euch hat dem Kind Chefkoch-Rezept-Kommentare gezeigt?

people: I have disklabels for /, /usr and /home in that order. Now /usr is too small. How do I go about with resizing /usr without having to do some weird magic? Currently, the easiest solution seems to be creating a new bigger disklabel for /usr at the end and somehow merging the old /usr and /home to a bigger disklabel.

I'm fairly new to all of this, but interested in a solution. Boost welcome!

Nachdem wir Ende letzten Jahres eine Pechsträhne mit kaputter Heizung, Wasserschaden und Autopanne hatten, haben wir Anfang der Woche unser Auto in die Werkstatt gebracht. Mittags rief uns dann der Werkstattleiter an und sagte, dass es leider einen Unfall gegeben hätte und unser Auto ein Totalschaden wäre...nun kaufen wir ums wohl etwas früher als geplant ein neues Auto. Jemand Erfahrungen mit einem Citroën c3?

psa, discord 

do not upload ANY sensetive media to discord

a new exploit has been discovered where uploading a specific video makes discord's internal video reencoder choke and include parts of its own uninitialized memory (including other images and videos) as the thumbnail
if you have to, use third-party upload tools or send it via other messaging services

Können wir bitte aufhören, Trump als „krank“ zu bezeichnen? Das was an ihm zu kritisieren ist, hat mit psychischen Erkrankungen nichts zu tun. Er ist ein Autokrat, dem jedes Mittel zum Machterhalt recht ist. Und für diesen Weg hat er sich ganz bewusst entschieden.

My X230i runs decently now on . No features that I miss currently. Feels quite good, actually.

Shoogle is a community-driven project to provide up-to-date information on shopping opportunities in every region of the world.

Help and improve the data basis by adding missing places to the OpenStreetMap.


Made by @midzer

Found this thread regarding PhpStorm on Twitter and there some nice tricks and further helpful blog post on there:


Clover ☘️

For centuries, it's been used as a domesticated ground cover plant. Clover nourishes other plants around it, by making trace minerals accessible and by fixing nitrogen from the air (it's a type of legume).

Just a few decades ago, it was considered an essential part of lawns. Clover seeds were always included with grass in seed mixes.

Then agricultural chemical companies convinced everyone it was a weed that needed to be killed, so they could sell both herbicides and lawn fertiliser.

For the past year I've been doing independent software research, funded by an Open Tech Fund grant. This summer the Trump administration de-funded the OTF, cutting off my income.

I've been living off my savings since then, and while I'm looking for alternative funding sources, applying and getting that money will take time and so in the meantime, if you can, please support my work via GitHub sponsors: github.com/sponsors/spacekooki, or Liberapay: liberapay.com/spacekookie/.

Thanks! Boosts appreciated.

The existence of Bremen implies the existence of Brewomen and Brenonbinaries.

Today, I tried to get a bit of help with Tiny Tiny RSS.

I was told "don't come back tbh", had my post closed and then...banned.

What the actual shit?

*Worth pointing out the Tiny Tiny RSS team have a forum called "Gas Chamber" too. So uh, yeah. Fuck that software.

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Meine Güte ist der Morgen hier grau und verhangen. Da muss man ja launetechnisch echt aktiv gegen anarbeiten. 😕
*hat Kaffee und lustige Videos*

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