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feels like Python has replaced PHP as the favorite punching bag of Real Programmers™ lately

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I guess the "make a customer call a phone number if they want to delete a server and try to wheedle them into not cancelling" strategy must be effective enough to be worth it?

TFW you pop a git stash after pulling down a bunch of changes and there's not a single conflict 👍

Bleeding from the eyes as I read about state management in react

Type of dev: willing to learn anything except how to do stuff in the terminal

Gonna button up this account and continue my relatively infrequent techposting over at @thermous

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The virgin spending all day painstakingly unravelling code to troubleshoot it vs. the chad spending all day to write a library to make debugging easier

I just spent like an hour drafting a support reply that used a lot of words to basically say


...because that's all there is to say. Don't know why the thing didn't work. It should work. It has only not worked like twice out of tens of thousands of times over the last umpty years, and we couldn't figure out why it didn't work then either

very cool that slack and microsoft remote desktop, both of which I use all day every day, cause each other to crash at least twice a day

brain absolutely exhausted after several hours of deciphering someone else's code.

I like to think that my code is better than this, if only because I try my best to comment every last thing that seems like it will confuse *me* in six months, but I'm probably deluding myself

Love to spend an hour debugging some code only to finally realize that the code's fine, it's the data you're testing with that's broken.

goddamn computers, doing exactly what you tell them to

who was the galaxy-brained genius at apple who decided we don't need to see scroll bars

Love "This field should absolutely always be required, except when it's not" form logic

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question: What's a bog standard 1998 Bondii Blue iMac rev A + keyboard + mouse going for these days?

It worked fine the last time I powered it up a couple years ago.

Difficulty: it's running some ancient PPC linux flavor and I don't have the MacOS installer media.

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Instance block recommendation 

gitmo dot life, bunch of fascists

Getting close to having a cobbled-together POC of a "Download toots and put them in a Joplin notebook" script. As always the question will be if I have the attention span to document it and put it into the wild.

hrm, just got a "hey you signed up for a lifetime pinboard membership 11 years ago but can you please switch that to an annual subscription" email and, while I am sympathetic to the plight of a one-man shop, I am going to wake up one day and realize I'm paying hundreds of dollars per year on shit that I really only use a couple of key features from. I've never used any of pinboard's (or's) social features. I guess time to see what's out there for self-hosted bookmark apps?

TFW when you forget about the /etc/hosts override you made while testing a few days ago, and are utterly perplexed by what is being served at that domain

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