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I'm very happy with the hardware so far. The screen is tall and spacious. The keyboard just feels sublime to type on, although some of the keys are in slightly different positions than I'm used to. That will take some adjustment for me. The touchpad works great now too. =)

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Looks like I just needed to update the kernel version to 5.11 (up from the default 5.4) and everything is working now!

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Install went fine! =D

The the desktop experience is … lacking though. Super basic things like WiFi and right-click aren’t working. Will need to do more research.

Linux on new hardware is always rough, and to be fair, made no promises here, but I’m still hopeful.

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Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

I mean, does the role at a business change just because the developer leveled up? Or does that business still need X skills to be delivered reliably by a warm body and has Y budget allocated for that, regardless of the level of the developer?

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Also the big picture I’m getting from the discussion is: developers typically grow faster than their roles do.

Businesses seem to be ok filling a recently-vacated role with a lesser replacement, because they’d rather not pay what it takes to keep someone who has outgrown the role.

I wonder how much value businesses lose by doing that. Or how much value they gain?

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Every once in a while you find a comment on Hacker News that really resonates. Here’s one for me:

“I don't need to maximize my money; I can get decent money while minimizing my misery.”

Context: job hopping, interviews, and raises

microsoft, i never want to kick off a web search from the start menu, i don't know anybody that does, please for the love of god focus on doing sane shit like auto-correcting spelling mistakes in the search and fuzzy searching for your apps

Fascinating discussion between Mastodon's creator and its users.

On the one hand, users decry the phasing out of the local timeline in the new official iOS app because the local timeline helps new users find content they might like.

On the other hand, Mastodon's creator says the local timeline should be ignored in the new iOS app because it helps users find content they might not like.

Imagine the society we could have if helping people gave you a comfortable life for yourself regardless of how wealthy those people were.

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I feel like this is all too common among software engineers.

You spent most of your time at $dayjob producing things that mostly only benefit a few elites, but at least you get paid. But if you manage to have a huge impact on non-elites, you’re literally making the world a better place for a lot more people, but you can’t replace $dayjob because your feels-good hobby doesn’t pay the bills.

The weirdest thing about burnout for me is that it causes me question not just my work but my identity. Things that on paper I enjoy…things I always have enjoyed…are no longer fun. It’s scary. It brings up feelings not just of “I need a break,” but of “what’s wrong with me?!”

Unsavory search results 

Wow, looks like the SEO opportunities for TubeList are wiiiide open!

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In a nutshell, it works by analyzing the HTML of a YouTube page for videos. Then organizes those videos into a list. Then generates links to import those videos into a temporary playlist on YouTube so you can watch them. 🎉

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I made a thing! :yes:

For some reason YouTube makes it unreasonably hard to watch all the videos on a channel in order.

TubeList makes it much much easier.

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