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Fitness plan for programmers:

every time a build or unit test fails, you have to do 10 push-ups.

You'll become either incredibly good at programming or insanely fit. Maybe both with a bit of perseverance 😅

“You don’t study the research to convince others. You study the research because you’re rather be technically correct than happy.”

JetBrains says:

“User feedback is crucial for us when we’re designing new Kotlin features.

Would you like to help shape the future of Kotlin? Fill out this survey to give us your contact info, and we’ll send you invitations to participate in studies and get cool gifts.”

"How do you learn new things?"

I immerse myself in them and do them badly until I do them well.

if I use a debugger, does that mean I'm engaging in debuggery?

Hello Mastodon and fediverse community! 👋

As part of a UX Research study, we’re collecting feedbacks from Mastodon's users. Our goal is to understand how and why Mastodon is used for and what could be done to improve the user (you 😉) experience

If you are willing to help us, you can find the survey right here :

We’re also holding one-on-one interviews to gather more in-depth testimonials, please contact me for more infos

Thank you all for your help!

Struggling with a hard bug at the moment? Me too. You’re not alone. :blobsnuggle:

For me, its a combination of 1, 3, and 5 right now. :senf: Hope I find it soon!

“The world is dominated by “free” software and platforms, for which we pay by other means (like rent-seeking and surveillance). European software companies can’t (and won’t) fund themselves this way.”

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What a scathing indictment of the US/VC style model for building large-scale software, from a EU point of view:

“In many countries there is a deeply held belief that it will always be possible to eventually exploit users in order to make money, even if you currently aren’t yet sure how you’ll do that.”

I just submitted a bug report this morning and my example code used canonical metasyntactic variable names like "foo", "bar", and "baz".

I was curious where these names came from and found a Wikipedia article on it (because Of Course there's an article on this. I <3 Wikipedia).

The article suggests foo is maybe similar to 福 ("fu"), which can mean happiness.

So "foo" in your code can be an expression of happiness. 😋

>"never lie"

OK, true enough, but when it comes to filling out those "security" questions on a website,

*always* lie.

Ugh, rare non-deterministic bugs are the worst.

You barely even know if they're there because the test cases can't reproduce them reliably. And it's hard to know if you've fixed them too.

Maybe this problem needs a lunch first!

Mission success!! :blobaww:

The new part works perfectly! And looks pretty nice too.

I swear, manufacturing still feels like magic. Like, I created a *real thing* out of nothing but imagination and stock materials.

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Good morning, printer! :blobcoffee:

Looks like the part stuck to the bed! :valid:

Only a few hours left and I can try out the part.

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Good night, sweet printer! :blobpats:

Hopefully the bed adhesion will hold the part down enough. *crosses fingers*

Ok, the whole part is designed now. I spent waaaaay too much time on this, but at least it's not as much time as it takes to print. I'll let it run overnight (and then some), and hopefully the scooter will be ready for a trip tomorrow!

The new fender doesn't have nearly the same wheel coverage as the old one, but this print almost overflows my printer's build size as it is! With that and the overhang limits, I can't really make it much bigger as a single part.

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Quick and dirty partial print to check mounting hole alignment. Looks great! :blobcatfingerguns:

I’m still designing the larger part that connects the tail light to the deck.

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