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On the other hand, Sway was very nice. 10/10 would recommend.

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Linux Mint 21 is out (yes, it’s 2022, I guess they’re slow) and I’m pretty excited! :blobaww:

It will be nice to use something a bit more stable than Arch again. It had gotten to the point I was afraid to even run pacman anymore because it usually broke something I was using. I’m looking forward to using a distro that just works out of the box again.

My hardware is older now and the distros have caught up with using updated kernels, so I can go back to work instead of fussing with the OS.

Stack Overflow is having issues. This is making it harder to do my job.

Weird how my job is less about actually knowing things these days, but more about knowing how to learn them quickly.

Wow, more wisdom of the crowd, courtesy of Hacker News again:

“America is a wage slave factory. Much like we can’t make the cake and eat it too. We can’t produce both a world of critical thinkers and a world dominating nationalistic war machine. … Americans are raised to both hate our parents and hate our children because it makes better wage slaves. …”

Regrettably, I had to shorten the quote due to post limits here.

Just wish I could find something to disagree with.

Whoa! This is amazing #xp


This lsp_lines Neovim plugin is a game changer! Makes the presentation of Rust errors and warning so much more readable.


Just ran into a thread on The Orange Site where lots of people are pleading for the thing I started building a while back.

The validation feels good, man. :blobaww:

Patiently waiting for the Linux Mint 21 release...


I've been working on a different kind of web app recently. I'm learning that browsers are supremely allergic to the idea that the client code should be trusted and the server code should not be trusted.

User agent indeed.

Today I learned about Ventoy:

It's basically a multiplexer for bootable ISOs.

Just install Ventoy on your boot media (eg a USB stick) and then copy a bunch of ISOs into the USB stick's file system. Ventoy will let you pick which one you want at boot time.


TIL: rustc complains if you implement trait functions in a different order than in the trait declaration.

I've been writing rust code for *this* many years and I've never known that, because I've always naturally implemented the functions in declaration order. Except this one time. OCD for the win, I guess. 😋

Historical moment:
First federated comment to a gitea instance from another instance:

We are 🤏 close to a fully federated ActivityPub based git platform. All we need is federated PRs and some level of control access to keep bots and trolls away from flooding the comments

me before i start a project: i shouldnt write this in rust because it will take too long

me starting the project: rust time baybee

Hacker News is down today. I wonder if the worldwide productivity boost among software developers is measurable.

fedi will mostly always be "bad" for marketing and that's a good thing

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Holy shit. This is huge! The EU is completely bulldozing Apple’s walled garden.


Although, I wonder if the EU would see things differently if any of the tech giants were based there.

Also, I hope we Americans get to benefit from these new rules somehow too.

Explaining Mastodon in a conversation is so much easier than doing it through text on a website. That has never gotten easier. In fact it's gotten harder because now you have to worry about not sounding like a cryptocurrency because the concept of "decentralization" has been co-opted...

They’re aiming for the trifecta of safe, fast, simple, which is really admirable. They’re getting eviscerated in the court of public opinion though for reasons that appear (to me, at least) to be just lack of good communication skills from the dev team.

Too bad. So much promise. Soft skills matter, folks.

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