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fedi will mostly always be "bad" for marketing and that's a good thing

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Holy shit. This is huge! The EU is completely bulldozing Apple’s walled garden.


Although, I wonder if the EU would see things differently if any of the tech giants were based there.

Also, I hope we Americans get to benefit from these new rules somehow too.

Explaining Mastodon in a conversation is so much easier than doing it through text on a website. That has never gotten easier. In fact it's gotten harder because now you have to worry about not sounding like a cryptocurrency because the concept of "decentralization" has been co-opted...

They’re aiming for the trifecta of safe, fast, simple, which is really admirable. They’re getting eviscerated in the court of public opinion though for reasons that appear (to me, at least) to be just lack of good communication skills from the dev team.

Too bad. So much promise. Soft skills matter, folks.

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I just learned about V lang today (thanks HN!), and it looks really interesting. I love hearing about new languages that try to improve on the state-of-the-art established by recent players like Rust and Go.

Decentralization isn't everything. It's not the goal in itself. There is a long tail of product design decisions that make or break a platform (which is why I find it kind of silly that Bluesky spent 2 years arguing over protocol design, though that's a different story). But that point is that decentralization is the foundation for a viable platform. Without it you're doomed to repeat the path of hundreds of social media apps of the past... Just a different paint on the same exact structure.

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One undervalued quality in a software engineer: a good imagination. How can you conjure something out of thin air without being able to see it first?

What's wrong with (modern) computing?

- Computers spy on us all the time
- Computers are insecure, while pretending not to to be.
- Computers enable new modes of rent seeking, further exasperated by shitty patents and worse laws
- Computers/the modern internet encourage behaviors which are bad for our mental health as individuals.
- Computers and the modern internet, in concert with modern capitalism have built a world essentially without public spaces.

You know, all that bullshit.

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Best new programming language attempt I’ve seen in a while!

It’s trying to be fast, safe, and easy all at once! It has move semantics, static types, and very strong safety guarantees. It’s not ready for mainstream use yet, but when it is, I get the feeling I might like it even more than rust.

Definitely a new programming language to keep an eye on.

@renata "It is only 'Uber' if it is produced in the region of Uberlandia; otherwise it is just sparkling personal driver."

Sysadmin tip: If you manage an ipv4 /24 and can't figure out a naming scheme, Pokemon Gold/Silver's full national dex is 251 pokemon. Throwing in Missingno, Oak, Elm, Jesse and James makes 256.

Figuring out how to get "Nidoran♀" into DNS and /etc/hosts without an explosion is an exercise left to the implementer.

I’m pretty tired of dreading system updates because of never-ending stream of breaking changes. I’m tired of getting my work interrupted by the rolling releases. VirtualBox seems to be the first to break each time.

I really want to get off Arch and onto something more stable, with coordinated package releases.

My historical favorite disto, Mint, is still too out-of-date for my taste, but there’s hope. They’re planning the v21 release, with a 5.15 Linux kernel, any day now. :blobaww:

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I love my Framework laptop, but the new hardware requires a very recent Linux kernel to work. I’ve been using Arch (btw) to get the latest packages, and it’s nice in a way. It’s also incredibly unstable. This is not the first time pacman pulled down incompatible package combinations and it won’t be the last.

Fedi-wide survey, boosts appreciated!

You are:

What would Wonder Woman and Spider Man name their business?

Amazon Web Services

A five year old Reddit post just helped me solve a knotty problem.
I hate to think how much useful info is being lost in ephemeral services like Discord, Slack, and IRC.

Today I found out about two fun little subreddits. /r/trees and /r/marijuanaenthusiasts.

Whatever you think those subreddits are about, you’re probably off a bit. Try it the other way around! :blobcatthinksmart:

One overlooked #mastodon feature I enjoy is knowing that reading a toot or opening an image isn't contributing to some advertising algorithm's dataset on me and my purchasing preferences.

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