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No I won't use your app; I use your web site because browsers and browser extensions give me protection against surveillance that apps don't.

Ah, the Evil is apparently advertising after all:

I'm not terribly interested in for-profit social media where all the money comes from advertisers. We already know how that ends up.

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How are we supposed to trust a social media company with our privacy, when that company that needs money to survive, but they won't explain to us how they're going to get it?

Companies in the past have essentially resorted to Evil to make the investors happy. Presumably Zlen's pitch deck to their investors explains what that Evil is, but we don't get to know? That's not a good sign.

This bait-and-switch from startups that claim to care about your privacy has got to stop.

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Just ran into an interesting startup in the social media space:

Zlen claims to be a private version of something that looks rather like Facebook.

This isn't actually too far off from my own vision of what the ideal social network should look like.

But here's the rub. Apparently Zlen took investor money, so they'll be on the hook to make outsized returns. But they make no effort to explain their business model to users!

Linkedin: "You're getting noticed by recruiters!"
Me: <remains very still, as their eyesight is based on motion>

Search engines should show a warning/sign that the page I am about to visit behind a paywall so that I don't download 15mb of scripts and leave my online identity behind just to rage-quit after 5secs.

i assert

"just use email, but follow configuration steps x, y, z and remember to practice etiquette rules a, b, c or things will break"

is more work than

"please learn my new bespoke system"

for any sufficiently large x,y,z,a,b,c

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Today I learned about rubber-hose cryptanalysis. And I can’t stop laughing about it. :september:

I have to start using Azure DevOps for work. Ugh, but oh well. That's the job.

Microsoft doesn't even bother to put the opt-out checkbox for spam anymore.

There's no way to do anything other than consent to being spammed. And they even put words into my mouth with their ridiculous page text:

"I will receive information, tips, and special offers ... "

What is this, some kind of initiation ritual?

If someone writes a programming language to replace and get rid of Rust, they MUST name it WD-40.

And just like that, it's gone again.

Snuffed out in a blink.

Disaster awaits us all. :blobhajshocked:

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Stack Overflow has returned! :blobhajhearts:

And there was much rejoicing.


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The stack overflow outage continues.

I am adrift. :blobhajsadreach: The madness will set in soon.

How can I search for basic API documentation and current industry best practices on the internet now?

Who can actually memorize this stuff?

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Wow... stack overflow is temporarily offline for maintenance and this is seriously affecting my productivity while researching new (to me) tech.

I guess I rely on it a lot. And work weird hours too, haha.

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