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imagine how many projects/companies would actually succeed on its own merits if it weren't for VCs pummeling them down with unsustainable business models by funding competitors (which will also die) at a loss

Btw, this game is like a masterclass in pure game design! :blobaww:

It's a very very well-designed game, even if it's pretty simple, and not very pretty.

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Boom! I converted all the matter in the universe into paperclips in just a few short hours.

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They're calling it Log4Shell, haha! Because apparently LogJam was already taken.

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Apparently there is a remote code execution vulnerability in Log4J2?

Why on earth is Log4J scanning log text for replacements by default at all? Much less, replacements that cause network traffic?

I’d be very interested to know more about this vulnerability.

Be safe out there, Java devs. This is a wildly popular library!

Somehow transferring large files from my computer to my friends' computers is incredibly hard, but transferring to and from Google's computer is super easy.

I'm sure this is a coincidence and not at all intentional.

Looking for an Android developer to work together with our UX designers on Mastodon's official Android app. Contract work, only remote. E-mail

Wow... all your life you get told, it's never a bug in the compiler. It's always a bug in your code.

And then when you *actually* find a bug in the compiler, it's like whoa! Unicorns really exist!

Oh sweet! Rust viably targets CUDA hardware now? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Stephen Diehl is at it again and this time, draws parallels between crypto mania and organized religions like scientology.

Seeing the value of crypto assets does seem to require quite a bit of faith, doesn’t it? The emperor is naked indeed.

Oh interesting. This is the first job posting I've seen where is a required skill. And they included the salary range too, which is nice.

I think the rub comes down to this:

Cryptocurrencies are an experiment in a different kind of government than democracy. It’s a technical solution to a fundamentally social problem, namely, how to govern money.

With that in mind, the right kinds of questions to ask next are: Do we prefer crypto over democracy, or democracy over crypto to govern our money?

We should be comparing crypto to existing solutions in this space (like democracy) and see which solutions we like more.

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Some of the comments on HN are actually quite good:

“Mark my words, Tech people believing they can solve political problems with technology will doom us all.” - AnIdiotOnTheNet

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