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TIL JavaScript actually has an integer data type

Wow, Arch. `man` isn't installed by default. That's just brutal. :blobpensive:

Also, I've been really impressed with the the Arch User Repository (AUR). There are packages for a ton of things I used to have to install the hard way in other Linux distros.

The Arch community is really something else. I'm starting to like it. :drake_like:

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I'm still learning Arch. Installing and configuring all the OS internals is quite the pain in the ass, but I think I have most things working the way I like now.

Plus, Sway is a rather nice Window Manager.

I will say the Arch docs are really well-done though. So helpful!

I almost have enough confidence now to switch my main computer over to Arch (instead of this test machine) so I can finally use the newer kernels on the hardware I care about.

Yak shaving indeed!

It’s a general Facebook post introducing mastodon, and it’s from last year… perhaps many user left Facebook to mastodon
@Gargron well done 👏🎉🍾

#facebook #block #mastodon #spam

The multi-monitor support in Sway is surprisingly well-done! And it just worked out-of-the-box. I really wasn't expecting that. Because, you know... Arch.

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Ok, Mate's support for Wayland was wildly over-reported. Apparently the only DEs that work well on Wayland at the moment are Gnome Shell, KDE Plasma, and Sway.

I'm not wild about Gnome Shell, and I've never really gotten in to KDE at all. So I gave sway a shot.

Steep learning curve!

But I'm really starting to like it so far. =)

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Maybe I could be convinced to try Sway someday. But for now, I think I'll stick to my old tried-and-true Gnome 2 life.

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Now I'm leaning towards pure Arch. Apparently most of what EndeavourOS adds is a fancy installer, which I don't really need.

Now I'm trying to decide on a desktop stack.

Normally, I would prefer Cinnamon, but sadly Cinnamon doesn't support Wayland, as far as I know. But having good multi-monitor support is super important to me, so I'm thinking maybe I could try out Mate on Wayland instead.

And this is how the yak shaving begins. :blobpensive:

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Also, I’ve really grown to love the Cinnamon DE. Bonus points if that’s available in the new Linux distro.

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Sadly, the hardware in my wonderful laptop is a bit too new for my current Linux distribution of choice, Mint.

A newer kernel would solve a lot of problems for me, but alas, I can't install anything newer than 5.11 from the package repos.

I'm considering experimenting with different distributions. I mostly care about stuff working out-of-the-box so I can focus on getting actual work done, and not endlessly tinkering with the OS.

I've heard good things about EndeavourOS. What do you think?

Also, some of the comments here are just pure comedy gold!

“How is the iron powered when there are no electrical outlets at these places?”

“Smart contracts on the Blockchain”


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clicking on a post that says "cw: medusa, ec" and immediately turning into stone

A personal email appliance seems like such a cool idea!

Until you realize that convincing gmail you’re not an email spammer essentially requires renting an IP address from the very big tech companies the marketing copy for this device scares you about.

Which means any products in this space are necessarily priced via subscription, and therefore a non-starter for the independent digital homesteaders targeted by the marketing.

Email is so broken.

HAHAHA!! And *right* as I post this, my home timeline shows me this absolute legend:

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The fix for the main issue ended up being some ridiculous garbage.

Apparently default behavior on Macs is for the OS to silently prevent part of the app from working. Not all of it, just part of it. Just enough so the app gives you ridiculous errors that tell you nothing about the true cause of the error.

And then you just have to know where to look in the OS settings menu if you want to find silently disabled things so you can enable them. Because there’s no notifications or warnings of any kind.

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Wow. Installing and using Docker on a Mac is a Huge pain in the butt! Especially if you actually want the docker daemon to run even when you’re not logged in.

Normally, I wouldn’t even bother with Macs, but alas, the service host at work is an iMac. And a rather beefy one at that. Shame to have it sitting there idle all the time.

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