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Reason number 4196 why I like my laptop:

The expansion card system is somewhat open-source and *of course* someone designed a snack drawer!

Just fixed an aging (<2 yrs old, ha!) system in production by *once again* applying enough hacks to work around a bug where the OS updater regularly uninstalls critical packages we need due to a package conflict.

Damn, I'm good at my job! 🤩

But it's Friday night. Time for a beer. 🍻

Holy crap! If Python, HTML, CSS, and javascript had a baby:

This web-oriented language looks pretty interesting, to say the least.

I actually have this problem at work. We need to list huge directories quickly. This solution is better than mine too. =)

Also, I still believe the only useful purpose for Microsoft Edge is to download Firefox.

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Wow, I haven’t done a clean Windows install in a while now. I hadn’t realized how bad it’s gotten.

The *OS ITSELF* now has a privacy policy? And dark patterns to trick users into signing in with a online account which apparently tries to “personalize” your ad experience?

Hard nope.

Thanks goodness there are still hacks to avoid this crap. I’m lucky I only need to use windows for games. How does everyone else put up with this stuff?

Volkswagen detects when your tests are being run in a CI server, and makes them pass.

I really want to love Thunderbird, but... part 2.

Simple features are just totally lacking. Getting my contacts' birthdays to show up on my calendar took about an hour and fiddling around with two different addons.

Contact birthdays is just table stakes for any modern calendar software that wants to be taken seriously.

Not to mention that even getting my CardDav contacts to show up at all takes another addon.

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The comment thread for this particular issue has a storied history of many different developers trying to solve it and failing, alongside a sea of duplicate issue reports filed by new users.

Why is Thunderbird so hard to change?

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Holy cow... I really want to love Thunderbird, but it has massive UX issues. They've known about these issues (and not fixed them) for over 18 years now!!

There's just no excuse anymore to have a bad UX. Saying it's "just not technically feasible" isn't good enough. It's also fundamentally incorrect, since every other modern mail client has these UX features.

I'm very happy with the hardware so far. The screen is tall and spacious. The keyboard just feels sublime to type on, although some of the keys are in slightly different positions than I'm used to. That will take some adjustment for me. The touchpad works great now too. =)

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Looks like I just needed to update the kernel version to 5.11 (up from the default 5.4) and everything is working now!

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