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"Every electronics device is a complex intercontinental puzzle, conveniently solved for you" - Niklas Fauth

Whoa! A remote IDE would be very useful for developing GPU applications from my laptop. Sometimes the servers have special GPU hardware that I can’t really access locally.

Literally the only real reason anyone cares about anything blockchain-related is because they think if they speculate, it'll make them rich. There's literally no other reason. And they're willing to risk the future of this world to become rich off of pure speculation. Ugh.

Also, big photography fail. :senf: I just now realized the PCB is out of focus. Maybe I should get a macro lens.

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And after waaaay too much time soldering, I finally got the battery power regulator working.

I really need to work on my soldering skills though. I ran into soooo many problems trying to do the SMT parts on this board. Dunno if it was my iron temp, the tip condition, the solder/flux, but I just had the hardest time getting the solder to wet onto the copper.

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Finally got my board milled out. Watching the mill make my design out of a blank stock in just a few minutes was so much fun to watch! =D

And I only snapped one drill bit. Not bad for my first run.

What if I told you you could use build entire apps using just Microsoft Excel?

Power FX seems to be just that. One of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

The fascinating story of Jessica Livingston, an early founder of Y Combinator, as she tells it herself.

My odyssey continues! Here's the PCB layout for the battery power regulator. Everything's packed in there pretty closely... we'll see how that works out on my mill, and the eventual assembly step at the end.

Whoops... need to use connector symbols or I don't get the right footprints for my pins. v2 schematic: 😀

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Oh weird... that check box avoids the bug, but doesn't fix it entirely. The bug shows up on other mouse actions too... it's starting to get pretty annoying.

Looks like it might be caused by this?

Sadly, that means can't fix it. :blobpensive:

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My first schematic! It's a simple power regulator for a Li-ion battery.

I'm finally learning
to do some custom PCB design! 🎉

I ran into a strange issue where zooming a schematic with the mouse wheel caused the mouse cursor to jump to the corner of my (dual monitor) screen.

Thankfully the fix is conveniently searchable in the GitLab issues. Just check a preferences box and the problem goes away! 🤩

NASA released video of Perseverance landing on Mars! Words fail to describe just how incredible seeing this is
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