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If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

This is the coolest thing I've seen in 3D printing in a while!

It's an automated filament splicing tool that sits inline with the stock. It lets you print in multiple colors/materials with just a single print head!

And here’s a good overview on the state of Project Panama, now called the Foreign Memory Access API, in Java 14. Courtesy of Ty Young.

I don’t immediately see why this is much better than ByteBuffers, but apparently it’s a stepping stone to better integration with C APIs. I’m all for better integration with C though. I use that all the time for GPGPU work on the JVM.

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Here’s a nice summary from Azul Systems on what’s new in Java 14, which was just released a couple weeks ago.

Here’s a very thorough breakdown of an arbitrary form UI in intellij IDEA, and how to improve its visual consistency.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this is the offspring of extreme OCD and bikeshedding?

I don’t really think the final version is much of an improvement, and feel like I’d rather spend that time fixing bugs or implementing new features than tweaking alignments and padding.

I still wish Zach Weinersmith were on the fediverse. =(

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Got my Vulkan and ImGUI rendering library working on OSX today!

Sadly, Metal (and MoltenVK) doesn’t support geometry shaders, so I had to find a workaround for my molecule renderer.

Thanks again to LWJGL for making such great bindings for Vulkan!

Leap day isn't real, don't listen to the propaganda

It's March 0th

Super interesting (and long!) article on performance in Vulkan rendering engines, written by Arseny Kapoulkine, a video game industry veteran.

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