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The first layer settings for this height leave very thin lines which don’t stick to the print bed very well. Looks like I’ll have to venture away from the default slicer settings.

Hmmm... that print didn’t go well. I ended up with a hairy elephant.

My 3D printer finally arrived!! Let the games begin!

I ordered a LulzBot Mini 2. So far, everything about this printer screams quality. I can’t wait to see what it can do!

vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

The new Raspberry Pi 4 looks super interesting! I'd really like to see a version with better GPGPU though, and USB device capability. The price point is really great though.

Nothing makes soldering these ridiculously tiny parts easier than my Quad Hands! Love it!

When you correct someone on terminology, you deeply hurt your chances at winning them over to your worldview. You should be willing to sacrifice the correct words if it means you can win the correct thoughts

I really wish I could write code without bugs in it. It would save me so much time.

Also, the "Ask the Experts" section of the source report from WalletHub has some great advice for entrepreneurs too.

Finally got a world-space technique for ambient occlusion working in my molecule renderer! The extra darkening at corners really helps with depth perception and makes the objects easier to visually parse.

Been working on lighting shaders lately. Found a good intro to physically-based rendering here:

It starts with a simple Lambert BRDF. The author glosses over some important bits, but there's enough detail there to get the main idea.

Of course, I decided to go for analytical solutions to the integrals because I'm apparently a masochist. But it was fun!

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