@jrss oh, definitely. But I think social media should give us tools to consider what to share, and with whom, while giving the recipients a choice about what they want to see too. Instead of the all-or-nothing approach most social media seems to take.

I mean, you’re using a poll as the tool to try to do this, but could we imagine a better kind of UX for this than a poll?

@jrss it is a failing of social media software that we can’t publish different aspects of ourselves, that followers can choose to subscribe to. Or not.

@xorowl @deshipu haha, rookie mistake. Don’t try to validate email addresses in forms. Email servers will accept all kinds of insane things. Yes, it’s standardized, but the standard is a mess.

Best practice I’ve hard so far is to just ask the email server if an address is valid or not. But you don’t do this at form-fill-out-time.

Wow, I am not alone in this desire to have better social networking.

This feel like a cry for help.

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current plague 

@xorowl same. Like… super same!

@deshipu In sane languages, all the self-to-self transformations happen inside the compiler, so no self-to-self transpilers are needed. =P

@deshipu Maybe obfuscators fall into that category too? Some of them only work on the binary representation of the code, not the text representation, so up to you if you want to call that a transpiler or not. But I'd think that for interpreted languages, that would count as transpilation.

@deshipu @xorowl oh, wow. It must be nice living in a country with a functioning government. =P

If alkalines actually get recycled, I can see how that changes things. Sadly, we can’t have nice things here.

@deshipu @xorowl yeah, but consider price per charge. Li-ion batteries get thousands of cycles of use. Alkaline gets only one. I don’t know anyone that actually recycles alkaline batteries. They mostly just get thrown away. At least in the US. Maybe things are better in other places.

@deshipu @xorowl 3 x 1v2 batteries might have a pretty short duty cycle if you’re targeting 3v3. Unless the board you’re using has a boost converter too. I wonder what cycle lengths you can expect from them. I usually prefer rechargeables. Disposable batteries just seem so wasteful.

@xorowl @deshipu for sure. Batteries (of any kind) don’t supply consistent voltage, the voltage drops a lot over the charge cycle. Check the data sheets for a battery, they usually supply charts. So you’ll need to regulate the voltage. If you go li-ion, you only need to regulate down to 3v3, which is easier. Li-ion come in cylindrical packages too, and they’re rechargeable. You don’t have to be stuck with LiPO, which are a pain to charge.

Github is cool n all i guess but im worried how *everything* is there

@ayushsharma22 "fediverse" and "linkedin" feel like two mutually incompatible environments.

I'm having a hard time imagining a company, startup or enterprise furthering the fediverse.

The other cool thing about sponsoring a public node in a virtual network, is if you have extra resources you're not using, you could share your node with friends and family for free.

Your friends and family wouldn't need their own second-level ISP, they could just use yours, if you're feeling generous.

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Oh wow, I just realized something.

The Yggdrasil node(s) you end up peering with ends up being a kind of second-layer ISP.

Maybe you economically support the public nodes (ie a second ISP) the same way you support the first ISP. By end-users directly paying recurring fees.

I imagine the fee could be something as low as a couple $/mo (rather than $X0/mo), since the Yggdrasil network is all virtual.

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@xorowl I know, right? It makes me really excited about real distributed tech (not web3 scams).

And it could potentially solve the IPv4 vs IPv6 issue. The "physical" internet could stay purely IPv4. And the virtual public network on top could be purely IPv6.

~4 billion IPv4 addresses should be plenty for running all the physically-routable Yggdrasil nodes, right?

@xorowl Right, the only solution (so far) is to rent (and multiplex) someone else's static IP.

I guess there are multiple different ways to do that.

The cool thing about Yggdrasil is it basically replaces dynamic DNS and VPNs with a single service. And might be more performant than traditional DNS too, since Yggdrasil seems to focus heavily on updating routes quickly after changes.

@aspensmonster Terrifying... Something like that could only happen in the US. =(

Here's the current list of public nodes on the Yggrasil network:


Do you think they would be happy if you started running traffic for millions of users through their nodes? I suspect not.

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