The fascinating story of Jessica Livingston, an early founder of Y Combinator, as she tells it herself.

My odyssey continues! Here's the PCB layout for the battery power regulator. Everything's packed in there pretty closely... we'll see how that works out on my mill, and the eventual assembly step at the end.

Whoops... need to use connector symbols or I don't get the right footprints for my pins. v2 schematic: 馃榾

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Oh weird... that check box avoids the bug, but doesn't fix it entirely. The bug shows up on other mouse actions too... it's starting to get pretty annoying.

Looks like it might be caused by this?

Sadly, that means can't fix it. :blobpensive:

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My first schematic! It's a simple power regulator for a Li-ion battery.

I'm finally learning
to do some custom PCB design! 馃帀

I ran into a strange issue where zooming a schematic with the mouse wheel caused the mouse cursor to jump to the corner of my (dual monitor) screen.

Thankfully the fix is conveniently searchable in the GitLab issues. Just check a preferences box and the problem goes away! 馃ぉ


NASA released video of Perseverance landing on Mars! Words fail to describe just how incredible seeing this is

This is soo cool! :blobaww:

A modern GPU-based rendering system for scientific visualization.

I鈥檝e actually used a very similar tech stack at work for interactive renderings of molecules. + is a killer combo! I highly recommend it.

So... Amazon has a bunch of romcoms on deep discount for Valentines weekend. In unrelated news, Cowboy Bebop, a classic anime with a character named Faye Valentine, is currently priced at five dollars for the entire series.

鈥淐reating anything ambitious is hard. It means being constantly disappointed in your output, constantly being frustrated with the limits of your ability. That's normal. Important to remember that every creator goes through this, and persistence is what makes all the difference鈥 - Fran莽ois Chollet

boost to pet the cat
銆銆銆銆銆| 銆.銆 . l
銆 銆銆銆锛廯 銉燂伎x銉
銆銆 銆 /銆銆銆 銆 |
銆銆銆 /銆 銉姐銆 锞
銆 銆 鈹傘銆|銆|銆|
銆锛忥浚|銆銆 |銆|銆|
銆| (锟c兘锛裤兘)__)

@shadowfacts seems cool, but not the best time for movie releases at the moment.

Lol, thanks google scholar, for suggesting that I co-authored a paper written almost 20 years before I was born. :drake_dislike:

This is why you can't let the AI run amok without adult supervision. :drake_like:

The purpose of code comments is to express your wishes and hopes about the code you have written, so that it can be fixed when it doesn't match them, and not explain the behavior of the code, which is self evident and can always be verified by experimenting.

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