@xorowl wow, yea, that took a minute. I feel dirty just reading those domain names too.

Looks like the instance is operating technically correctly now! Got object storage set up, and file hosting works beautifully now. But still waiting for Reasonable Business Hours so the humans at the email SaaS can fix things. Once email is working, I should be able to open up for signups! =D

Oh, still need to setup instance block lists and community conduct things. I will lean heavily on m.t to bootstrap these things. :blobheart:

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Mastodon instance update: finally got the damn thing running! I managed to fumble through the docker-compose setup (which needed heavy alterations!) and now the web server is serving something reasonable. Just need to do a little more configuration and we should be good to go. Maybe?

@xorowl Caddy’s big advantage is it’s really easy to set up for simple things. Including SSL (via Let’s Encrypt!) which it also makes very very simple.

@xorowl there’s an equivalent (probably?) config file for caddy on a random github somewhere too. But you raise a good point. I should just do whatever the devs support. Nginx isn’t terrible. It’s just not as nice as Caddy. =P

*mastodon.technology announces eminent shutdown within the year*

About 80% of users who have mastodon.technology accounts: "OK fiiiiiiine I'll spin up a personal mastodon instance."

I don't think that would be the typical response on most other instances 😂

@xorowl sure the regular docs have most of what you need, but it’s totally missing anything related to docker.

I’m not making any progress with this libssl stuff anyway, so I might have to fumble through with the docker-compose after all. Ruby’s openssl wrappers are just obsolete at this point. There’s no way around it on a modern linux distro until they update their wrapper code. Which is in-progress apparently, but not ready yet.

@xorowl yeah, containers would be ideal here, but they don’t seem to be well-supported by the devs. Why not document it??

@xorowl monkey-patching libssl sources because ruby gems are incompatible with modern linux distros. Not scary at all! =P

Except their installer overwrote the patch. Grr…

@zladuric @xorowl @zalasur @nolan wow, that seems like a pretty big obstacle for refugees of m.t.

@xorowl PS, when I build a social media app server, it’s going to be a single rust binary. Nice and simple! :blobcoffee:

@xorowl i gave up on the ruby source and just went with the repo version of ruby. Same major and minor version, and one patch increment higher. What could go wrong? =P

@xorowl haha, I’m running in a VM, so “bare metal” might not apply here. I briefly considered setting up with docker-compose, but the docs for that are basically non-existent, so, pass. I’m just going through the official install docs now. Although, modifying them where needed since I’m running Rocky Linux and not something based on Debian.

Compiling ruby from source?? Really Mastodon? You don’t trust the major distro package repos to ship reasonable pre-builds here?

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Also, Postmark allows turning off open tracking, which is nice. There doesn't seem to be a need for that kind of invasion of privacy for transactional emails here.

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Update: sending email on the internet continues to be a pain. I signed up with PostMark because they look great! Sadly, their antispam bot seems to think I'm a spammer, so I'll have to wait until Reasonable Business Hours for a human to set things right. I'll keep setting up the instance in the meantime. I haven't even installed anything yet, haha.

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@zladuric @xorowl @zalasur Ah, found the github page. No web UI? Probably a deal-breaker for me.

@zladuric @xorowl @zalasur I heard of that one just recently. Looks pretty interesting! Their website looks pretty sparse though, hard to find much information.

@zladuric @xorowl @zalasur but totally, I definitely agree that hosting things at home on an inexpensive device like a raspberry pi is the future.

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