@xorowl Nah, I finished work early today. Time to relax and play games with friends. =D

@cuchaz That's the Crockford's JSON license. He actually had to make an exception for IBM, at their request they and their customers are allowed to use the software for evil.

I just encountered a software library using an otherwise plain MIT license except for one small addition:

"The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil."

This is the first time I've seen something like this and I absolutely love it!

It's a no-op for hobbyists, researchers, etc, but an absolute poison pill for any organization serious enough to have a compliance department.

Fun adventures in Rust continue! :yes:

Apparently Rust is severely allergic to dynamic linking, which makes things like plugin systems very tricky to build. It's not easy to get working, but it does appear to be technically possible, with a lot of caveats.

Unfortunately, that allergy means support for dynamic linking in tooling (like CLion) isn't very good. :blobpensive:

I submitted an issue to the intellij-rust maintainers. Hopefully some good will come of it!


@xorowl Rust, being much newer than C and C++, handles this very elegantly with compiler-defined size types.

@xorowl even on a 64 bit machine/process, some libraries still use 32 bit ints for sizes, with unchecked accesses, especially older code. =(

@xorowl @dankwraith yeah, compiling source code that wasn’t designed to be compiled is an exercise in frustration. IDEs have a hard job there.

But that’s one more excellent reason to choose a compiled language in the first place: better tooling.

@xorowl @dankwraith static analysis *is* a kind of compilation.

Your IDE is calling a kind of compiler for you behind-the-scenes to give you those little red squiggles, type hints, and function names, etc.

@xorowl What? You mean you don't want the computer to just do things for you (like organize your files) without any direction from you and that won't lead to any problems ever, right?

@xorowl 🤣 And get off my lawn too while you're at it, you young whipper-snappers!

@xorowl There's probably a One True System Device that's referred to only by a static GUID or some other such nonsense that MS APIs love to do. And it's probably baked into Windows internals since the early days so it's hell to change now. Bummer. =(

@xorowl Yeah, I was worried Windows wouldn't like remapping its system folders. Alas, Windows just wasn't designed for this kind of customizability. :blobpensive:

@xorowl Yeah, windows definitely makes these things harder. I want to say some of the fancier versions of Windows allow mounting folders in arbitrary places just like Linux does, but it's probably not easy to set up.

@xorowl uhh… this is super easy to do in Linux. Just mount the home folder on a separate partition or device from root. Does your OS not support that?

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