And here’s a good overview on the state of Project Panama, now called the Foreign Memory Access API, in Java 14. Courtesy of Ty Young.

I don’t immediately see why this is much better than ByteBuffers, but apparently it’s a stepping stone to better integration with C APIs. I’m all for better integration with C though. I use that all the time for GPGPU work on the JVM.

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Here’s a nice summary from Azul Systems on what’s new in Java 14, which was just released a couple weeks ago.

@shadowfacts These recent messages from Zoom seem to be sincere and moving in the right direction though. Maybe there’s hope?

The claim that they’re rapidly (and painfully) migrating from a pure enterprise environment to a more consumer environment makes a lot of sense. Expectations of privacy by the end user differ hugely between the two environments.

@shadowfacts Who the eff went to a movie theater right now?!?! Are they crazy?

@shadowfacts Yeah, I’m really wary of Zoom after all these bad practices reported recently. And some of the reports are from The Intercept! It’s always bad when you’re the subject of an article there.

But sadly, I’m still stuck using it anyway. Because work. =(

@shadowfacts jesus... makes me want to uninstall it right now and salt the earth afterwards.

Ironically, I *just now* got an email from work IT disclosing a vulnerability in the Linux Zoom client. Oi...

@shadowfacts I know, right? I use Zoom a lot for work and now I’m starting to get a little worried. Because I really don’t have a choice to stop using it.

Here’s a very thorough breakdown of an arbitrary form UI in intellij IDEA, and how to improve its visual consistency.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this is the offspring of extreme OCD and bikeshedding?

I don’t really think the final version is much of an improvement, and feel like I’d rather spend that time fixing bugs or implementing new features than tweaking alignments and padding.

@shadowfacts More feedback. Would be nice to resume same location in feed as last session, scrolling up to see new posts.

@shadowfacts Haha, and screenshot inception makes the UI confusing. =P But that’s totally not your fault.

@shadowfacts Also, I’m seeing lots of “Unknown Notifications” in my notifications view.

@shadowfacts Will do. Already have some. Pull-down-to-refresh seems stuck indefinitely. The spinner even stopped spinning.

@shadowfacts I finally got a chance to try out Tusker!(OMG, the world right now... so crazy) Anyway, I’m writing this message from your app. So far so good! =)

@shadowfacts akk, sorry I haven’t tried it yet. Life has been ... busy lately. Hope I can get to it soon.

I still wish Zach Weinersmith were on the fediverse. =(

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