rant, profanity 

Email spam is out of control. Even respectable organizations are guilty. They provide opt-out links, but naturally the opt-out process doesn't actually work. Because who cares if it does? No one wants you to actually get off the email list. Except you, but no one cares what you want.

They even have the audacity to warn you beforehand that they don't even care if the opt-out works or not.

If you think I'm turning off my ad blocker on a publisher's website, you can get fucked.

I have to start using Azure DevOps for work. Ugh, but oh well. That's the job.

Microsoft doesn't even bother to put the opt-out checkbox for spam anymore.

There's no way to do anything other than consent to being spammed. And they even put words into my mouth with their ridiculous page text:

"I will receive information, tips, and special offers ... "

What is this, some kind of initiation ritual?

Wow, I am not alone in this desire to have better social networking.

This feel like a cry for help.

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Boom! I converted all the matter in the universe into paperclips in just a few short hours.

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Playing with my little simulation some more.

I added a little thingy that moves around and eats the little green blobs that get near it. I call it an Eater. 😋


Because obviously FontAwesome has an icon for blender-phone.

Reason number 4196 why I like my laptop:

The expansion card system is somewhat open-source and *of course* someone designed a snack drawer!

Unsavory search results 

Wow, looks like the SEO opportunities for TubeList are wiiiide open!

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Mission success!! :blobaww:

The new part works perfectly! And looks pretty nice too.

I swear, manufacturing still feels like magic. Like, I created a *real thing* out of nothing but imagination and stock materials.

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Good morning, printer! :blobcoffee:

Looks like the part stuck to the bed! :valid:

Only a few hours left and I can try out the part.

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