Mission success!! :blobaww:

The new part works perfectly! And looks pretty nice too.

I swear, manufacturing still feels like magic. Like, I created a *real thing* out of nothing but imagination and stock materials.

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Good morning, printer! :blobcoffee:

Looks like the part stuck to the bed! :valid:

Only a few hours left and I can try out the part.

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Good night, sweet printer! :blobpats:

Hopefully the bed adhesion will hold the part down enough. *crosses fingers*

Ok, the whole part is designed now. I spent waaaaay too much time on this, but at least it's not as much time as it takes to print. I'll let it run overnight (and then some), and hopefully the scooter will be ready for a trip tomorrow!

The new fender doesn't have nearly the same wheel coverage as the old one, but this print almost overflows my printer's build size as it is! With that and the overhang limits, I can't really make it much bigger as a single part.

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Quick and dirty partial print to check mounting hole alignment. Looks great! :blobcatfingerguns:

I’m still designing the larger part that connects the tail light to the deck.

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Today’s unexpected project: repair the tail light fender of my electric scooter.

Damn thing just snapped in half in the middle of a ride.

Yes! I finally got a chance to use this in real life! :blobaww:

I have a web service that doesn't normally respond to browsers. But I needed a way to check if the service was alive or not using just a web browser. HTTP 418 seemed like the perfect status code.

It worked! Looks like I can solder 0603 passives without too much trouble. And now I can breadboard with those damn tiny bits too. This little breakout board was half utility and half test/practice. 😃

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I finally got the isolation routing to come out clean! 😃

I just had to measure the imperfections in the tool and adjust the isolation job to compensate. Oi, what a pain, but at least it worked.

Btw, this is a test board for a bunch of 0603 passives I just ordered. Should be good soldering practice too.

Ahhh, Hacker News. Come for the clickbait headlines, stay for the hilarious comments.

And after waaaay too much time soldering, I finally got the battery power regulator working.

I really need to work on my soldering skills though. I ran into soooo many problems trying to do the SMT parts on this board. Dunno if it was my iron temp, the tip condition, the solder/flux, but I just had the hardest time getting the solder to wet onto the copper.

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Finally got my board milled out. Watching the mill make my design out of a blank stock in just a few minutes was so much fun to watch! =D

And I only snapped one drill bit. Not bad for my first run.

My odyssey continues! Here's the PCB layout for the battery power regulator. Everything's packed in there pretty closely... we'll see how that works out on my mill, and the eventual assembly step at the end.

Whoops... need to use connector symbols or I don't get the right footprints for my pins. v2 schematic: 😀

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My first schematic! It's a simple power regulator for a Li-ion battery.

The exciting saga concludes! The final print is done and the new pepper mill works perfectly. :blobaww:

Green is the best color!

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Second test print worked much better. The grippy bit of the crank arm hugs the grinder shaft much better now. (Phrasing? Are we still doing phrasing?)

I think it's time to do the full print! I'll just let it run overnight. Thankfully my trusty Lulzbot isn't that loud, and the cats pretty much just leave it alone.

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