Mastodon instance update: finally got the damn thing running! I managed to fumble through the docker-compose setup (which needed heavy alterations!) and now the web server is serving something reasonable. Just need to do a little more configuration and we should be good to go. Maybe?

Looks like the instance is operating technically correctly now! Got object storage set up, and file hosting works beautifully now. But still waiting for Reasonable Business Hours so the humans at the email SaaS can fix things. Once email is working, I should be able to open up for signups! =D

Oh, still need to setup instance block lists and community conduct things. I will lean heavily on m.t to bootstrap these things. :blobheart:

@cuchaz yeah, i'm only part way through copying the m.t blocklist. it's long

@xorowl wow, yea, that took a minute. I feel dirty just reading those domain names too.

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