Is it weird that for a while now I've wanted to build a new social network that is basically what Facebook was in the early days?

In a nutshell, just talk to your friends. And that's it. Especially old friends you've fallen out of touch with in recent times.

Oh, and it should be as privacy-preserving as possible. Encrypted, decentralized, yadda yadda.

I've thought about it a bit more recently, and it's all technically possible, except for the networking part.

To say nothing of moderation. Hopefully I can manage by myself if the server stays small. But if the server gets enough users, I’ll probably look for help with moderation.

Update: domain name acquired!

I guess this is happening. =)

Update: sending email on the internet continues to be a pain. I signed up with PostMark because they look great! Sadly, their antispam bot seems to think I'm a spammer, so I'll have to wait until Reasonable Business Hours for a human to set things right. I'll keep setting up the instance in the meantime. I haven't even installed anything yet, haha.

Also, Postmark allows turning off open tracking, which is nice. There doesn't seem to be a need for that kind of invasion of privacy for transactional emails here.

Compiling ruby from source?? Really Mastodon? You don’t trust the major distro package repos to ship reasonable pre-builds here?

@CodingItWrong sweet! I’ll have some more time to look into it this weekend.

@xorowl haha, I’m running in a VM, so “bare metal” might not apply here. I briefly considered setting up with docker-compose, but the docs for that are basically non-existent, so, pass. I’m just going through the official install docs now. Although, modifying them where needed since I’m running Rocky Linux and not something based on Debian.

@xorowl i gave up on the ruby source and just went with the repo version of ruby. Same major and minor version, and one patch increment higher. What could go wrong? =P

@xorowl PS, when I build a social media app server, it’s going to be a single rust binary. Nice and simple! :blobcoffee:

@xorowl monkey-patching libssl sources because ruby gems are incompatible with modern linux distros. Not scary at all! =P

Except their installer overwrote the patch. Grr…

@xorowl yeah, containers would be ideal here, but they don’t seem to be well-supported by the devs. Why not document it??

@cuchaz i'm not sure, i think because most of what you need is in the normal documentation. It took a few hours to get past a few hurdles on setup, but there's a lot i didn't have to figure out because i wasn't installing it myself, so to speak

@xorowl @cuchaz Sorry to bust in at the last minute here, feel free to ignore, but when I set up my own instance a few years ago I went pleroma instead of mastodon and it's worked very well and is much more lightweight.

@moparisthebest @cuchaz cool. I hear a lot about pleroma. I'm just comfy with what i'm familiar with and dont have a particular need to try other stuff yet.
at the moment, "more lightweight" doesn't entice me haha

@xorowl sure the regular docs have most of what you need, but it’s totally missing anything related to docker.

I’m not making any progress with this libssl stuff anyway, so I might have to fumble through with the docker-compose after all. Ruby’s openssl wrappers are just obsolete at this point. There’s no way around it on a modern linux distro until they update their wrapper code. Which is in-progress apparently, but not ready yet.

@cuchaz just make sure you install nginx as well. No, not apache, no not anything else, use nginx. I tried other options and it was rough skies. Switched to nginx and used the provided config and whamo blamo

@xorowl there’s an equivalent (probably?) config file for caddy on a random github somewhere too. But you raise a good point. I should just do whatever the devs support. Nginx isn’t terrible. It’s just not as nice as Caddy. =P

@cuchaz i'm caught between "ooh new thing i should learn to add another tool to my toolbelt" and "man i'm tired, and i'm good with nginx and apache"

@xorowl Caddy’s big advantage is it’s really easy to set up for simple things. Including SSL (via Let’s Encrypt!) which it also makes very very simple.

@cuchaz but... that also applies to both apache and nginx!

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