Linux Mint 21 is out (yes, it’s 2022, I guess they’re slow) and I’m pretty excited! :blobaww:

It will be nice to use something a bit more stable than Arch again. It had gotten to the point I was afraid to even run pacman anymore because it usually broke something I was using. I’m looking forward to using a distro that just works out of the box again.

My hardware is older now and the distros have caught up with using updated kernels, so I can go back to work instead of fussing with the OS.


Update: been using Linux Mint 21 for a few days now and it’s glorious! I’m never going back to Arch again, as long as my hardware is old enough for the LTS kernels.

There are So. Many. Little. Things. that work so much better now. I hadn’t even noticed how many papercuts I picked with Arch until I switched to a desktop environment that was carefully designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. :110: :a_plus:

@cuchaz honestly, i just like cinnamon (their main desktop environment), I really find my taste to be arch Linux, mostly because everything you could ever want is goanna be pretty easily installable. Installing stuff on Debian systems to really always be a hassle.

@cuchaz Linux mint is problary the best when it comes to debian based distros.

@fbievan I get the appeal of Arch. I really do. The idea that: anything is possible, you just need to configure it yourself.

The trouble is, rolling release distros are too unstable for my tastes. And I’ll never be as good at configuring an environment as someone who’s been doing it for years.

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