Software is never finished. Only abandoned.

@cuchaz I believe this is only true for software that was written without a purpose. Software with purpose is finished as soon as that purpose is fulfilled.

If I write a script for sorting a specific file, it is finished as soon as the file is sorted.

@deshipu I used to think that, but I eventually grew to believe differently.

I think even software with such a narrow scope eventually succumbs to scope creep. Sure it can sort this file, but does it sort that file? Increasing the marginal utility of an existing tool seems too enticing compared to creating a new tool from scratch.

Are all text editing tools doomed to converge to vim or emacs or intellij?

@cuchaz The way I see it, the moment you want to sort another file, it's a new project. Sure, you can reuse your old code, but it's a new goal.

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