Wow, Microsoft employee shows no empathy for privacy concerns and quips back with this ringer:

“You're being surveilled. Linux isn't going to save you.”

This kind of privacy defeatism coming directly from big tech really bothers me.

As if it were impossible to construct the universe any other way than with total surveillance.

@cuchaz Okay, but they're right(ish) though. A Linux desktop which gives non-nerds what they want from windows is barely distinguishable from a really janky version of windows.

The ish part being, of course, that a proper security minded nerd *can* avoid these surveillance without much effort. So yes, Linux *will* save you, provided you don't cripple it.

@saramg You nailed it! :blobcatfingerguns:

That’s the crucial distinction. Linux gives users a real choice about surveillance.

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