Sadly, the hardware in my wonderful laptop is a bit too new for my current Linux distribution of choice, Mint.

A newer kernel would solve a lot of problems for me, but alas, I can't install anything newer than 5.11 from the package repos.

I'm considering experimenting with different distributions. I mostly care about stuff working out-of-the-box so I can focus on getting actual work done, and not endlessly tinkering with the OS.

I've heard good things about EndeavourOS. What do you think?

Also, I’ve really grown to love the Cinnamon DE. Bonus points if that’s available in the new Linux distro.

Now I'm leaning towards pure Arch. Apparently most of what EndeavourOS adds is a fancy installer, which I don't really need.

Now I'm trying to decide on a desktop stack.

Normally, I would prefer Cinnamon, but sadly Cinnamon doesn't support Wayland, as far as I know. But having good multi-monitor support is super important to me, so I'm thinking maybe I could try out Mate on Wayland instead.

And this is how the yak shaving begins. :blobpensive:

Maybe I could be convinced to try Sway someday. But for now, I think I'll stick to my old tried-and-true Gnome 2 life.

Ok, Mate's support for Wayland was wildly over-reported. Apparently the only DEs that work well on Wayland at the moment are Gnome Shell, KDE Plasma, and Sway.

I'm not wild about Gnome Shell, and I've never really gotten in to KDE at all. So I gave sway a shot.

Steep learning curve!

But I'm really starting to like it so far. =)


The multi-monitor support in Sway is surprisingly well-done! And it just worked out-of-the-box. I really wasn't expecting that. Because, you know... Arch.

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