Wow. Installing and using Docker on a Mac is a Huge pain in the butt! Especially if you actually want the docker daemon to run even when you’re not logged in.

Normally, I wouldn’t even bother with Macs, but alas, the service host at work is an iMac. And a rather beefy one at that. Shame to have it sitting there idle all the time.


The fix for the main issue ended up being some ridiculous garbage.

Apparently default behavior on Macs is for the OS to silently prevent part of the app from working. Not all of it, just part of it. Just enough so the app gives you ridiculous errors that tell you nothing about the true cause of the error.

And then you just have to know where to look in the OS settings menu if you want to find silently disabled things so you can enable them. Because there’s no notifications or warnings of any kind.

HAHAHA!! And *right* as I post this, my home timeline shows me this absolute legend:

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