Reason number 4196 why I like my laptop:

The expansion card system is somewhat open-source and *of course* someone designed a snack drawer!

@cuchaz i wonder if you could fit an sd card array in there. i wonder how many sd cards you could feasibly connect within that area.

@cuchaz oh wow, smaller than i thought. based on designs i've seen, i think you could probably get 4 plugged in comfortably, but you'd have to squeeze to get more than that.
i wonder how long till someone makes an adapter.

@xorowl probably you could fit more if you designed a card with a larger cross-sectional size. Meaning, make the card get bigger as it gets away from the laptop case. You don’t have to fit the whole card into the card cavity.

Although at that point, you might just plug your bulky dongle thingy into a regular usb card.

Or split your SD card needs into multiple cards that still fit into the laptop case? I dunno.

@xorowl personally, I’d love to have an ethernet card, but I think the connector is too bulky for the standard card size. =(

@cuchaz dont forget about that weird design in some laptops where the port itself "expands" for the lan port. you can cram a lan port in a small space

@xorowl oh yeah, those always looked so flimsy. I’d be afraid of breaking it. Never tried one though, so maybe they’re actually really solid? But the ethernet cables clip in, so it seems one good tug on the cable could cause big problems.

@cuchaz well, yeah, sure, but if your laptop is plugged in, ye probably shouldn't be jerkin things around haha.

also how easy is it for the modules to release? i would imagine the usbc connector wouldn't be strong enough to retain a yanked module like that

@xorowl There’s a mechanical latch on the expansion card slot, so I imagine the cards could resist a bit more force than the friction fit of a USB connector.

@cuchaz so it would be that mechanical latch vs the mechanical latch of the lan port.

but also it's not baked into the device! if you broke the port, it's not as catastrophic, you just get a new adapter instead of a whole laptop.

@xorowl Yeah, that's the beauty of the Framework laptop. You can repair it. Just like a good desktop computer. =)

@cuchaz this is an overkill example,
but i don't see why you couldn't make an ethernet intercepter that connected by magnets. i had a set of usb c like that for my cell phone. i quite liked it.

@xorowl Looks cool, but weird. Like they just strapped magnets around a standard RJ45 for a rather bulky connector. Seems like if you're going to use an adapter anyway, you could build the magnets into the actual connector design and try to keep the size down.

@cuchaz exactly. this is a clunky implementation, but there's no reason such a thing couldn't be miniaturized.

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