Today’s unexpected project: repair the tail light fender of my electric scooter.

Damn thing just snapped in half in the middle of a ride.

Quick and dirty partial print to check mounting hole alignment. Looks great! :blobcatfingerguns:

I’m still designing the larger part that connects the tail light to the deck.

Managed to match the weird curve on the light housing fairly well.

Ok, the whole part is designed now. I spent waaaaay too much time on this, but at least it's not as much time as it takes to print. I'll let it run overnight (and then some), and hopefully the scooter will be ready for a trip tomorrow!

The new fender doesn't have nearly the same wheel coverage as the old one, but this print almost overflows my printer's build size as it is! With that and the overhang limits, I can't really make it much bigger as a single part.

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