Yes! I finally got a chance to use this in real life! :blobaww:

I have a web service that doesn't normally respond to browsers. But I needed a way to check if the service was alive or not using just a web browser. HTTP 418 seemed like the perfect status code.

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I also briefly considered using HTTP 419 Sir, this is a Wendy's.

@cuchaz hi jeff, i created a account here just to ask about your awasome mod cuchaz ships, i really love this mod, i played for 89 hours(seriously) and i want t oknow if you will create more things for this mod, i would really love to have submarines and ships with motos in this game, submarines would be awasome, walking in the sub while in the water... etc, i have a very bad computer(i dont have money to buy a gamer i live in a no much good country) and i cant play most build games, mine is my option

@jotaluc Hi! I'm so happy you're enjoying Ships Mod. :blobaww:

I'm retired from Minecraft modding now, but the project is all free and open source. Someone with enough programming know-how can always add more stuff to it.

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