I finally got the isolation routing to come out clean! 😃

I just had to measure the imperfections in the tool and adjust the isolation job to compensate. Oi, what a pain, but at least it worked.

Btw, this is a test board for a bunch of 0603 passives I just ordered. Should be good soldering practice too.

Oh, and thanks to @AskChip for tips on prepping the boards for soldering. Those green scrubbies are awesome at removing the oxide layer, but not the copper! :blobcatfingerguns:

It worked! Looks like I can solder 0603 passives without too much trouble. And now I can breadboard with those damn tiny bits too. This little breakout board was half utility and half test/practice. 😃

Also, I need to look into getting a macro lens. It’s so hard to keep these pictures from coming out blurry.

And maybe clean up my flux too. 😋

@cuchaz When I used to etch boards, they need to be seriously clean before dunking them in ferric chloride to eat the unmasked copper.

@AskChip I can only imagine... I'm afraid to etch boards. All those chemicals are scary. That's why I went the milling route. Plus, I don't have a printer. 😋

@cuchaz The first board I etched used a special masking tape to 'draw' on plain copper. There are many rub on etch resist patterns for PC boards. Ferric chloride is relatively harmless but it leaves permanent stains. Also, it has a nasty aggressive appetite for aluminum. The last time I experimented, I used clear sheet on a laser jet to make the mask and photo'ed it onto a presensitized board. It worked.

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