Open-source as a business model, while admirable, just seems unsustainable to me. I mean, if you’re in the business of making money, you can’t give away all your work for free. Someone will eventually eat your lunch.

Sure, you can still try to race towards that startup exit before your business model fails, and some still consider that success, but it’s definitely not sustainable.

UBI, if it ever happens, I think will totally transform how software industries work. With UBI, you really can give your work away for free, because UBI is paying your salary, and not your customers. It might just create a FOSS renaissance.

@cuchaz What I haven't yet understood about the free money is how we're to stop every business from just immediately raising their prices and eating it all up.


@gws I think the liberating part about UBI isn’t how much money you’re making. It’s who’s paying you and what they expect in return.

With UBI, you could get income in exchange for nothing. I bet a lot of people would quit their unfulfilling jobs and do something they love instead, even if it means taking a pay cut. I know I would.

So one possibility is, on the net, everyone might actually make less money, and there’s nothing extra for businesses to eat up.

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