Wow... how did Windows get to be so bad? I mean, it used to be a pretty decent operating system.

Specifically, when did they start turning app launch commands into web searches?


Like seriously... I’m trying to open fucking notepad, not search on bing!

And the options to turn that horrible behavior off and buried deep deep in some poorly-documented regedit nightmare. Who thought this would ever be a good user experience??



And then I try to reboot and test my registry hacks, and Windows launches into some automatic update process (WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST) and now my computer has been a very loud and hot paperweight for the last 10 minutes.



when my computer finally becomes usable again, Windows is all like: USE THIS NEW BROWSER INSTEAD OF THE ONE YOU ALREADY LIKE ISNT IT GREAT LETS SET IT UP FOR YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!1


Hard Nope.

But theres no option to abort or exit the setup process. So I have to forcibly terminate the process using Task Manager!!

I’ve never seen such an actively user-hostile UX before in my life!


I wouldn’t even be using Windows at all, except I have to write software for other people that do. But damn, every time I need to boot Windows again to write/test some new piece of software, some bullshit like this happens.

Every. Single. Time.

How do other people put up with this?

Ok, I’m done now. Sorry for the rant.

But sometimes screaming into the void is cathartic. :blobcatthinksmart:

@cuchaz do not worry; I have had ALL those problems just because I needed to write an EPROM with the GQ-4X (the software only works in Windows).

I'd still be using Windows 7 for all this if I could

@yakkoj I know, right? Happy to have a comrade in this misery.

I miss the old Windows XP days. Life was a lot simpler back then.


@cuchaz When they stop hand-holding and switch to openly hand-cuffing.

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