Holy cow! It's a 14 hour print with the current silcer settings! :cate:

I normally use a very small print head for ultra-detailed parts, but this is a bigger project. I might need put the stock print head back on. It's much bigger and should hopefully print faster.

I'm going to try some smaller test prints first on the current print head though. Only a few hours, shouldn't take that long. =D

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Test print done! The bottom designed part fits the metal bits perfectly! :blobaww: I love it when I get something right the first time.

This part is Turbo (my cat) approved! :blobcatfingerguns:

The crank arm part (for lack of a better term) needs a slightly tighter fit to the grinder shaft though, so I'll do another round of design/test print.

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Second test print worked much better. The grippy bit of the crank arm hugs the grinder shaft much better now. (Phrasing? Are we still doing phrasing?)

I think it's time to do the full print! I'll just let it run overnight. Thankfully my trusty Lulzbot isn't that loud, and the cats pretty much just leave it alone.

The exciting saga concludes! The final print is done and the new pepper mill works perfectly. :blobaww:

Green is the best color!

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