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Finally got my single-board-computer working as a USB device! :blobaww:

Now to get the host side working.

And here's a shoutout to the Linux kernel for letting me do almost all of this in user-space! :linux:

I'm going to try writing my first IntelliJ IDEA plugin. Wish me luck! 🎉

Oi... it took me all day today (and a chunk of time a few days ago) to narrow down a bug in an app at work to a library we're using.

This was one of the most difficult issues to isolate that I have ever encountered in my admittedly only mid-length career.

I'm kind of proud of it though. Feels like a victory. 🤩

For posterity:

EDIT: wow, somehow I posted entirely the wrong link. Fixed!

@djsundog the world record for fewest world records held by an individual keeps changing hands faster than anyone can keep up with

Whoa! Imagine you could enhance your print debugging experience with time-saving tools? What if someone made a debugger for your favorite language, but it was based on the print technique instead of stepping? That would totally change my life. =D

“Software you can love”

What an interesting concept for a new brand of free/open software.

Also, I need to look into getting a macro lens. It’s so hard to keep these pictures from coming out blurry.

And maybe clean up my flux too. 😋

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It worked! Looks like I can solder 0603 passives without too much trouble. And now I can breadboard with those damn tiny bits too. This little breakout board was half utility and half test/practice. 😃

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Oh, and thanks to @AskChip for tips on prepping the boards for soldering. Those green scrubbies are awesome at removing the oxide layer, but not the copper! :blobcatfingerguns:

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I finally got the isolation routing to come out clean! 😃

I just had to measure the imperfections in the tool and adjust the isolation job to compensate. Oi, what a pain, but at least it worked.

Btw, this is a test board for a bunch of 0603 passives I just ordered. Should be good soldering practice too.

On a related note, anyone have a good source for quality CNC tools in the US? 😀

Apparently the ones I bought off the internet are garbage. If I'm lucky, 3 out of the 10 bits will actually be usable for isolation routing.

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I bought a CNC mill recently to prototype PCBs with a turnaround time on the order of hours instead of weeks. But I've been having a hell of a time getting the isolation routing to come out clean.

After a long story, it turns out the V-bits I've been using are just poorly machined! Inspection under a microscope shows all kinds of issues. It's so bad I'm tempted to write a blog post about it, if anyone's interested.

Chuck Norris can hand solder a BGA.
With his eyes closed.
Using his feet.
In shoes.
Made of concrete.
Under water.
With a soldering iron heated only by his anger.


And who says comment threads are all bad?

Seasonal pranks and grammatical imperfections aside, I really like the sentiment of this slogan as a business philosophy.

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