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Recently I published a co-authored book in Japanese:

In this book I wrote a relationship between phenomenology and sociology. Its main object is to clarify how it would be possible to set an essential and universal principle of civil society.

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On my Twitter account I have made it public that I prefer this mastodon account over it. Sometimes I am going to toot in my native language too.

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My twitter account:


With all the talk of #Signal and #distributed #IM lately, I thought I'd go a step further: here's a roundup of secure off-the-grid messengers: These all use strong #encryption, provide #privacy, and can be used without any Internet connection at all.

#briar is an interesting hybrid; while it uses #Bluetooth instead of longer-range #LoRa, it doesn't need any extra hardware and can route IMs over #Tor, #Bluetooth, or local #Wifi (even w/o Internet). @briar

Activity on the homeserver has been up 5x over the last few days, and we started to get dangerously close to the ceiling on the Synapse master process again... so we just fixed it with more workers (as per!

Thus is also thought invoking.
#wechat has been found to ask users to allow the “read all photos” privilege as a premise to access to photos from within the app. #evil #Tencent

Set up your own homeserver with this Ansible playbook:

I have hesitated to use it as I am not familiar with Ansible but the playbook works like a charm. It does not only let you install your own matrix homeserver but also optionally sets up bridges for , telegram, etc., so that you can create your communication hub 😃

For those who feel homeserver is slow, it is definitely worth a try. Please have a look at this page for instruction:

Seriously, locking the issue does not fix it. Only fixing the issue does fix it really.

Locking might let you sleep at night well, until you would eventually notice that active commitment by volunteers disappeared. You would miss the activity that tons of report have been reported everyday.

Until then, your codebase is likely to have been gone rotten from the ground.

Or at least, don't say men are pursuing their own interests; with good cause they are pursing everyone's interest, regardless of gender or whatsoever, not only for men.

Don't blame the current implementation. Instead, join the process of developing the framework to make it universal.

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I would say: "don't expect men to understand how women feel about stuff. Those who feel as women, who are women, do know the needs of women so why not asking women to create stuff for women instead of complaining men?"


Ir de #WhatsApp a #Telegram /#Signal puede ser un atajo pero el camino es el nuevo protocolo de, código abierto, comunicación descentraliza federada sobre HTTP permite responder al mismo tiempo mensajes de plataformas diversas. Nueva generación en el uso de la red


Do you use xmpp?

> Many authors copy and paste lists of apparently relevant citations from similar papers without actually reading them, he says. “It’s frightening. It’s terrible, but common.”

As an author I have never thought to try that.

It would leave an irreversible stain on your career, and your articles would be laugh at forever.

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