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Recently I published a co-authored book in Japanese:

In this book I wrote a relationship between phenomenology and sociology. Its main object is to clarify how it would be possible to set an essential and universal principle of civil society.

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On my Twitter account I have made it public that I prefer this mastodon account over it. Sometimes I am going to toot in my native language too.

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My twitter account:


Heads up Synapse 1.26 final was released on Wednesday!! This is a massive release which should significantly improve state resolution perf, and adds support for Social Login (coming soon to a Matrix client near you), and other perf fixes. has the details


...and the app is back: Huge thanks to everyone for your patience and support on this, and apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks also to Google for being transparent and apologetic once we'd established contact. Now, back to preparing for!


Fediverse's top ten most used hashtags (current week)

Checked servers: 3114
Total hashtags: 777

(hashtag / uses / users / servers)

#element / 2738 / 2343 / 196
#abyss_fun / 2334 / 60 / 16
#matrix / 2176 / 1792 / 173
#caturday / 1883 / 1484 / 163
#nsfw / 1832 / 186 / 38
#nowplaying / 1432 / 486 / 58
#google / 1287 / 1083 / 129
#bitcoin / 1070 / 637 / 31
#pixiv / 948 / 542 / 62
#shindanmaker / 931 / 718 / 90

Wow, does this mean was removed because Google did not understand correctly how works?

Hi @matrix, later please publish this incident as a whole for reference for other startups. Your experience should help them to understand what kind of risk they confront actually. Thanks!

Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

I have never seen Google acts so recklessly like today.

I have completed already since one year, so actually not a big deal for me, but I feel very sorry for those who live on its ecosystem.

In Google's ecosystem, you can exists as long as allowed, which is the very logic in authoritarian countries.

For network, you can find a lot of other choices than here:

Ditto Chat, Nio, Pattle, FluffyChat, etc.

You see, removing one program arbitrarily does not change the situation.


Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us; we're reaching out to find out what's going on. Apologies for the inconvenience; in the interim there's but it's a few versions behind. We'll post updates here.


This blog post from #matrix a few months back is interesting. They are trying to address government e2ee backdoor requests with reputation systems, it looks like wishful thinking, even if the ideas about reputation, in themselves, may be valuable.

I wrote how to install manually on Debian 10.

You should be able to install it by following the steps on the article. I also explained why you should not wait for automated installation tool.

Now setting up ( to create another blog.

Wait, does it support federation too?

Wow, you do not need a third party plug-in like Disqus anymore to accept comments from readers, right?


I finally figured out how to install . The answer: avoid bitnami's installer at all.

There is a lot of reports about the installer on the diaspora's official forum, and it is discouraged officially.

See: discourse.diasporafoundation.o

Followed this guide ( and I got a diaspora instance running.

Trust me, when it comes to diaspora, manual installation is a faster way than other automation tools.

I started feeling that on fediverse it is as important as on centralized cloud services to be careful where you are going to host your data.

Unless is implemented you would still have to trust someone, and there could be malicious actors too.

If you are going to use public instances, please be careful. You should conduct due diligence by yourself; who manages the server, how they are financed etc...

On the official installation guide I would like to see how to set up a webserver with Let's Encrypt support, for example.

> You most likely have already a webserver running on port 80 (http) and 443 (https).

... how did you think it was most likely to have a webserver with HTTPS support already? I guess some would try on a VPS with fresh install, without a webserver.

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On the official forum of diaspora there is a lot of comments from the team that you should not avoid Bitnami installer in the first place. This, to be honest, does not look to be a friendly advice, and it sounds like "I told you so", which is actually right.

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I set up my own pod on the VPS I rental with the application Bitnami provides.

Still I am struggling to make my account discoverable from other instances. I can find myself on my own instance, but I cannot find that account from another instance where I have had an account. I think I set it up not right...

Any idea how to troubleshoot??

The #free (#AGPLv3) software & research project demonstrates how storage, trade and payment using digital values can be carried out without any central service providers – respecting #privacy (it's using #i2p/@i2p).

The dev team works on API & #UX - it's getting closer to beta during these months. Also thanks to lots of contributions over the past months 🙏 🌈 .

Join this AGPLv3 project via @codeberg git:


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